Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Memos and
Things to Watch

It's not Mercury Retrograde yet (see calendar above), but it's starting to show itself early, and maybe ... just maybe ... it stays until the end of the program.

Busy now ... Skyping with a client in Australia.


    Keeping watching Greece and all of Europe.

    Operation "Occupy" is politically contrived and controlled. Lots going on behind the scenes that you would find shocking. This doesn't end well. Pay attention then energies are accelerating.

2011 Halloween Nor'easter

    Clean-up continues slowly but surely. I still see what looks like black rectangular shaped monoliths (rectangles), of varying sizes and dimensions, above the grids. They have to do with anti-matter inserts that suddenly 'drop' into the program and create instant change. It will be curious to watch them as time resumes.

Sunday November 6

    Return to Standard Time in many parts of the world.

    New York Marathon as people prepare around the city

Tuesday November 8 is Election Day in the US. I follow none of it and will not blog about politics as it is all a farce.

Wednesday November 9th: The first Nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System - whatever underlies that.

Friday 11/11/11:

    Many people plan to marry on that date.

    It's Veteran's Day in the US.

    I was interviewed about 11/11/11 by a member of the Agence France-Presse (AFP) a global wire service and will let you know when the story is posted.