Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Memos

Here in the city, it is the first grid lock alert day as we move into holiday season. NYC is an interesting place where you can meet the rich and the poor and know they both exist, though everyone has become cautious and many still believe the economy will heal itself.

Scandals highlight the news this morning. Just as we read about sexual abuse with young boys and priests - and story that is far from over - now we will see the same energies exposing themselves in the world of sports. Everything erupts in end times. Then there's Natalie Wood and Demi Moore if you're into the tabloids. Natalie wasn't murdered. Stay away from men who drink. Demi tried too hard to keep her relationship going. Never do that.

Occupy Wall Street: I watched the protestors cross over the bridge to Brooklyn last night and found it very symbolic from my persecutive. This morning, as the temperatures dropped to the chilly 30's - it was mentioned on the news that some protesters will look to stay in foreclosed homes. "Occupy" is far from over as people are jobless, homeless, frustrated, and burned out - many guided by that driving force that seems to run the global engine of reality now - they want to make a difference. I support the cause and hope change is made as I hate Wall Street and would love to see a new system with fair distribution of assets happen in the US. Sadly I don't feel there is enough time left for that to happen.

Ancient Aliens and Technology

Everything always goes back to Z ... now as Zeus.

Wednesday night Ancient Aliens presented "Aliens, Gods and Heroes". Here we have myths about wars in heaven - gods doing battle - but were they based on historic events from the past playing out on and above planet Earth? All cultures (grid stories) follow the same geometric blueprint in physical reality, therefore they will all speak of battles between gods where old pantheons are defected and new ones (usually their children) come into power.

What were they arguing about - or is that merely a reflection of the bipolar nature of physical reality? Warring alien gods are depicted as having sophisticated weapons, technology, breastplates, head gear, and other means of protection.

Were they the fierce warriors mentioned in the legends about the Orion warriors who came to Earth with the Sirians to seed the human race and are linked from the Great Pyramid to the Belt Stars of Orion? Or are they the same entities or better still - one entity - as in one god - playing out all the roles for experience?

We move now to what is described in ancient myths and legends as magical artifacts - amulets, breastplates, rings, and more, that if discovered by humans, empowered them. This too could be seen as ancient alien technology created for human experience to be recorded in the grids of this hologram.

It would seem that many ancient historic events are linked to esoteric powers as recent as Hitler and his quest to create a super race of humans - Atlanteans -- the Ayran Race in the 20th century. This also parallels the alien grays in the same timeline - who used biogenetic experiments to upscale modern humans into more evolved beings who many abductees were told will one day rule the next evolution of this hologram. That's not exactly true as all already exists in the hologram and is playing out. When the hologram shuts down - it all goes away. Whatever you can perceive as the past, present, or future - already exists and plays out now. Hitler sought the Spear of Destiny (blood and bloodlines) which takes us to the myth about Jesus, Mary, and creation.

Jesus could only have been an alien or another myth to have endured his destiny - which still holds humans in the pulse of gods who allegedly will return one day ... so look out ... you'll be judged. Not happening - though the sexual violations by men in power in church, state (politics), and sports, is coming out now to be judged. I always go back to men and their dicks and their secret perversions. This program sucks.

Also discussed on the TV show were invisibility cloaks as technology possessed by ancient aliens that we are catching up to. Invisibility again takes us to adventures in the WWII NaZi grid program and the Philadelphia Experiment - time (grid) travel. All is connected.

Nothing is based on magic and fictitious gods. It's all based on science and technology in programs guided by the Consciousness Hologram that allows us to experiences in various grids, times, spaces, and places.

Modern technology moved forward with a little help from aliens in the 20th century - often seen as the alien grays. This was not by accident but was set in motion to allow humans to have the technology to understand their creation at the end of the program. It is all part of the Master Plan - which Hitler misread, but then again, he had his own programmed agenda. It's all created by myth, math, and metaphor for experience. Science and technology from any grid - past present or future, are merging as the hologram ends. It's like Brian Greene's cone of the illusions of time, (story below), compressing through the black hole/whole of consciousness creation.

Now let's go to another artifact that may or may not have magical powers ... This links to Atlantis, the Pyramid, Crystal Creations, and Edgar Cayce (died 1945 the year WWII ended) ... as on and on we travel the grids together - adventure after adventure - until The End. 2012 ends with World War Z.

Ray Brown's Crystal Pyramid Experience

I spent time the morning updating this file after speaking to a wonderful woman named Robyn from San Diego, who introduced me to Arthur Fanning the current owner of the crystal sphere. Arthur and Robin met at the 11/11/11 Mayan Crystal Skull workshop in L.A. last weekend when we began an email correspondence about the crystal. That led to phone conversations with Robyn and then with Arthur on Tuesday.

This crystal, if authentic, is another tool placed in the grid to awaken those who are connected to it. As with all stories you have read, in the years you journeyed through metaphysics, see the myth, math, and metaphor connected with it. It is perhaps another tool of divination. The crystal had pyramids in it originally but now is cracked (metaphor?). It looks big and yet is the size of a tennis ball.

Once again we segue to good old Thoth (Z) in Atlantis (Tehuti) having fun in the mythical Atlantic Pyramid that allegedly sank to the sea/see of consciousness - or elsewhere - when our program began. Arthur connects the crystal with the feminine archetype of creation, by any name.

Arthur is my age, lives in NM and has been on a Shamanic journey, including channeling, for decades. Nice guy but as I meet so many people like him, once they use hallucinogens one cannot always trust their interpretation of what they witnessed - when one can travel anywhere the grids and explore all sorts of events that link to this reality but are not credible here. You know they drill, but the file is awesome as are Robyn's 4 photos.

Thanks Robyn for helping me put this together.

- Ellie here in Atlantis with Z - Over and OUT! (grin)