Monday, November 21, 2011

Mt. Popocatepetl Erupts

One of the end time events I've blogged about since 1995

was the eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl. Mexico takes us to

the Maya and 2012 events. Mt. Popocatepetl and UFOs

Towering Popocatepetl volcano sends ash, steam, gas into air outside Mexico City   Washington Post - November 21, 2011

Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano has spewed a burst of ash 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air after breaking through a dome of lava.


Monday I went to the supermarket and got a free turkey. It's all about luck and timing. It's coming with me to NJ.

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, though several large chain stores plan to be open on Thursday. Remember you'll be shopping in Mercury Retrograde so get receipts as you'll change you mind later. In a bad economy, you might want to look for some way of making holiday money now which could lead to other employment later or allow you to realize other work skills.

Sunday, Ron took his 8 year old son, Vincent, to see Santa at Willowbrook Mall in NJ. As they waited, Vincent said, "Daddy, can't we just text Santa my Christmas list instead of waiting online?" I sent this story to my daughter Nikki who reminded me that last year Matthew (8) asked the same thing so they send Santa an email that actually went to me - and Grandma delivered. Call me Mrs. Claus. Hi Santa ... ho ... ho ... ho.