Thursday, February 9, 2012

History Channel Adventures - Taping "Weird or What"

Wednesday February 8, 2012

I spent most of the day taping for the History Channel at the Pearl Room in Brooklyn. I started the day, as always, with a quick glimpse at the news - the scene opening with a close-up of a street sign here in lower Manhattan that read: Pearl Street. The day would indeed be about "Pearl" - the image above looking like her ghost was walking by. (I wish I had taken more photos. I look like I'm in a daze, but you feel that way after 2 hours of taping.)

The topic of the show was Automatic Writing about the life and work of Pearl Lenore Curran who allegedly channeled books by an entity she called Patience Worth.

There was much to be said about channeling, as I explained it based on science and math - consciousness grids of information that are general not understood in this reality ... until now, in proving that it is all a hologram. When you do a show like this, they ask you the same question several times and you can answer in any way you choose, then in the final edit they select whatever they want. I certainly made my case for channeling and hope it gets to air.

Do you know that other than technical writing, most of what you write is influenced from the other side - even if it's your soul trying to guide. The simply doodle (spiral) many people draw is all part of Automatic Writing - and there is no need to be in a trance state.

So here is how the show rolled out.

Part 1:

I sat on a tall bar stool (not the most comfortable) using the brick wall for the backdrop as the producer asked questions and I answered. He said I moved between 2 personalities - Ellie, the teacher, and Ellie, the fun woman from Brooklyn. They had a crew of 3 people - the man in the photo, the cameraman, - as well as the audio technician and the producer/director, all from Toronto.


The crew and waiters sang Happy Birthday to me (surprise) as I blew out a candle on creme brulee. Lots of fun! Turning 69 (Feb 17) promises to be interesting, indeed. And this was a great start, especially with Z looking at me with that expression he gets when something is about to happen. Don't you just hate surprises?

Part 2: (Wish I had more photos)

I was seated at a table, a black table cloth, white paper and pen in front of me. The crew and I agreed that the energies were wrong to do automatic writing ... but suddenly it all changed. Everything behind me got cold ... and I mean cold allowing me to know something spirit was there. Generally, the cold indicates an alien presence but not on this day. The guys checked and noted the change in temperature as my hands were freezing.

Roll camera ...

Ellie holding pen and looking at paper

Suddenly, there was Pearl and we connected as she made her appearance and started to write through me, though no one takes me over, just connecting grids. I never do the trance thing ... not necessary. As soon as we connected, I realized I liked her and we began to have fun.

Ellie and Pearl began to write or scribble or whatever - resulting in 8 pages of words, drawings, and messages in about 5 minutes ... or maybe it was longer as your focus on linear time is lost when channeling. She had much to say about her life, work, this timeline and more. Those details are now part of the program ... I mean the TV program.


Pearl wished me a happy birthday then took her leave. As soon as Pearl and I disconnected the room warmed up ... session over. Well staged Pearl.

The guys said they will remember this shoot ... as will I.