Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unexplained Objects and Noises

UFO on the floor of the Baltic Sea? I think not, yet it's as if people are waiting for the Big discovery when we find out the truth about the human-alien connection. More like an ancient submerged city dating back thousands of years ago ... or they this is just an insert so people can continue to quest and speculate. These cities are mentioned on the Ancient Alien series ... I remember David Childress showing a graphic about them at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

As to the unexplained noises people hear in many parts of the world ... I say there is a geophysical explanation and again it's not UFOs - Earth's magnetics, something in the atmosphere perhaps linked to CMEs, a government project like HAARP or others, weapons testing of some kind, or a combination of several unseen factors that have merged. You have to wonder what the government is doing about it? Thinking outside the hologram, it's all part of the hologram closing when nothing is as it seems.

Ellie's Alien Adventures

Time to tell you about Ellie's UFO adventures in January. Everything is coming up UFO for me these days and since I had one experience at age 11, anything seems possible. Two weeks ago I read a man from an Orthodox Jewish community on Long Island. He comes for a reading every few years. When he was leaving he said something about seeing me again perhaps next year. My instant reaction was ... and I said ... "Don't think I'll be here." I went on to explain about endless UFO synchronicities since December and we laughed about me being beamed up. This lead to a discussion about Leonard Nimoy who comes from an Orthodox Jewish background and the origins of Spock's hand symbol for Live Long and Prosper.

The client left ... Ellie returned to her computer and the birthday updates for Ezine ... leaving off on March 26th. (I am generally 2 months ahead.) The name on my screen was ... ta da ... Leonard Nimoy and I laughed. Just after updating his information, the email chime rang ... a message from a TV production company wanting me to do a show for History Channel and possibly Discovery Channel. Are you ready for this ... it's William Shatner's new series "Weird or What". What a synchronicity, I thought, returning the email to a woman named Katie in Toronto. She called immediately and asked if I would discuss Channeling - art, music, literature - real or hoaxed ... an interview ensued after which she said she would get back to let me know if they want me. Not that I cared, as for me in that moment in time, it was all about the synchronicities that call attention to this growing feeling within.

The jokes that followed from friends and family about me making alien babies and going off with Kirk were hilarious. But when Katie didn't call last week - I reasoned that they chose someone more involved in the topic of Channeling so I forgot about it.

Tuesday (yesterday), Pat sent the email about the CNN story above possibly linked to a UFO discovered in the Baltic Sea. As we spoke ...who should call me? You got it ... Katie. They seems to be interested in me and will get back with more definite details this week, as I would probably fly to Toronto in 2 weeks - my birthday present - maybe by UFO?! Is it all silly ... yes, but fun. Will I tape the show? It looks that way and will keep you posted.

One more thing ... the blog below features the Fibonacci image of Walter from Fringe - a show which also featured Leonard Nimoy as William Bell or as Walter would call him ... Bellie as in Ellie ... And the beat goes on ... Oh wait! I mentioned a woman named Chellie ... :)

Also funny ... my family and friends have made me promise to beam them up if I leave with Kirk ... and ... I also seem to remember Ralph selling him a hairpiece long ago... how funny is life if you let it ...

Life In Any Reality In 2012

If my hypothesis is correct, we all exist in multiple realities simultaneously that are connected by the same basic pattern. We look forward to the events in life, no matter how bizarre, that explain how our brains work to discover these unknown truths. That is my job. ~ Ellie