Wednesday, February 8, 2012

History Channel Adventures & Synchronicities

This episode references automatic writing and more specifically, at least to begin, a channeler named Pearl Lenore Curran. Were her channelings real or what? Why did I wake up this morning and the first thing I saw on TV was a street sign here in lower Manhattan reading: Pearl Street. After so many suggested locations for the taping - why did I unwittingly find the The Pearl Room? Was it all guided? Pearls as you know, represent DNA. Is Pearl still around? Her middle name is Lenore. My real name is Elinor. And the beat goes on. Time to get ready ... :)

I plan to explain channeling as science and math and how grid consciousness works. People need to understand how things work - and to get away from other ways of approaching such an interesting topic.

Channeling takes us to Mediumship and the story of my sister-in-law Sydelle in Oregon who died on Sunday of respiratory failure. Just last week we talked about life - hers - mine - and that of the world. Surprisingly she had no problem seeing that reality was consciousness and everything is collapsing. There was a sense that she knew her time was coming - just before our birthdays. She would have been 86 on February 15th. What's interesting is the family called and asked me where her soul is and how she is doing. And so you see channeling takes on many forms in different times and spaces, yet there is a healing aspect to it most of the time. As a species we spend time healing than living. Sydelle knew how to embrace life. She is reunited with her family (soul group on the other side), including my ex-husband, her brother Ralph, and as always they seem to be having a great time.