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February 26, 2011

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From Aliens to Bay Ridge Dramas ... What is Reality?

Ancient Aliens - History Channel "The Greys" -- The show began with a quick synopsis of everything you already knew about the grays. The only reason I continued to watch was -- I have always seen the black eyes watching me and have felt a connection to that part of the biogenetic experiment of humanity. It's all about the "black" hole - the Void - from which I come as teacher and more. The grays have been here from the beginning - meaning it all came out of what we call dark energy which is just being explored by scientists today and correlates with finding the Higgs Boson.

On my birthday (2/17/2012) -- I received a special present. After sitting on the event horizon of the black hole of creation for the past 4 months - I entered the Void or place of creation. In June 2009, I was shown that at the end - all Fades to Black and I become part of the Void once again.

I have never seen myself emerging from the white light nor returning there when the experiment ends and souls project whomever they connect with to move out of the physical grids. My energy goes to the creational matter of the Void. You have to be part of it to understand. As I entered, there was momentary glimpse of the black eyes of the grays and I remembered that they were part of something created there, though they too are part of the illusion.

I have never been abducted nor connected to the grays in a negative way - their purpose from the WWII timeline to show us we are a bio-genetic experiment. This is so much like Spielberg's "Taken" - time traveling scientists - in which the end result is the hybrid child Allie. As the stories go ... aliens bred with various species on the planet and created endless hybrids throughout history. Don't get emotional about it - they are just stories and experiences - all part of the hologram and doesn't matter anymore as it comes to closure.

From Sarah and Alexander ... There does (did) exist . . .

    The Guardians of the Seed The Teachers and Healers The Protectors The Record Keepers The Watchers The Conspirators


"Fringe" -- The concept of time traveling scientists was visited on Fringe as we learn about the Observers and how changing one thing in the timelines affects all outcomes. Peter met September the Observer - part of a group of scientists from the future - who study human history but are not allowed to interfere. September is not his name but his designation just as 2012 is not a date but a designation. September tells Peter that he must go home to reset the program (my words) so all proceeds at it should. [The closure of this reality is locked and loaded and cannot be altered - corrections from the WWII time travel experiments complete.]


Also close to home ... George sent a link to a TV series allegedly about the life and times (crimes) of Bay Ridge. Based on the locations mentioned in the article - it's about Bensonhurst and Gravesend not Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge is Really Pissed About This New Reality Show. You already know that reality is dysfunctionality.