Friday, February 24, 2012


My friend Michelle has returned to my life after being guided back to the east coast (Virginia) from Arizona - putting us in the same time zone so we can play on the phone as once we did. Long time readers of Crystalinks may remember our adventures dating back to the late 1990's. Besides having fun and catching up on our lives - we have always been catalysts for each other - hence the file Balance Partners.

Thursday evening, Michelle shared an interesting story - one you might want to explore. Recently, she meditated and asked about a parallel experience she may be having in this part of the hologram. She was given the full name of a man who lives in the US and what he does for a living including his company's name. She googled him and everything she was shown was there. How cool is that! FYI - she does not plan to contact him. It's just about connecting grids and having fun .. remember you can be anyone, anywhere, if you connect the dots.

Friday morning as I lay in bed I asked, "What's left for me to do here?" I was instantly shown an old book with tattered pages that closed as I watched. Done.


The Journey of the Mannings