Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Updates

It's a gorgeous day in the city for a parade as we celebrate the Giants' victory. Here, at home, the plans with History Channel changed quickly. Instead of me flying to Toronto next week to tape there, they will be taping here in the city tomorrow (Wednesday) so there's lots to prepare. I was really happy about the change of plans as spending time at the airport is never fun and one can always expect delays, besides there's nothing more exciting than NYC.

The topic for the show is channeling ... speaking of which ... my sister-in-law Sydell in Oregon, who I blogged out recently, died Sunday. She had a great life as she and I discussed last week, when we both knew her time was coming, just before our birthdays. She would have been 86. What's interesting is the family called and asked me where her soul is and how she is doing. And so you see channeling takes on many forms in different times and spaces, yet there is a healing aspect to it most of the time. As a species, we put in more time healing than living. Sydell is reunited with her family, including my ex-husband Ralph, and, as always, seems to be having fun.

February 7, 2012 - Full Snow Moon 18° Leo

Meditation with Music

Super Bowl XLVI

Ellie and the Giants