Saturday, January 18, 2014


Augmented Reality File Updated - News Updated

Can't wait for this tech to be part of our every-day lives.

It will create a much better understanding of our holographic reality.

A friend on Facebook asked if it was real. My reply, "Nothing is."

Alas, Poor Sigmund ... I knew him well

Several researchers have concluded that Sigmund Freud was also the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Moses, and Zoroaster the Persian Prophet linked to the Sumerian Gods - which leads back to monotheism or consciousness creations. There would always be 12 above and 36 below.

Ashes to ashes ... dust to dust ... Don't touch that vacuum! Why do people save ashes anyway? Makes as much sense as reality.

If you were laying on Sigmund's couch now ... what would you say or confess?

An urn containing Freud's ashes 'dropped during a break-in'   PhysOrg - January 18, 2014
A thief who tried to steal an ancient urn containing the ashes of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, from a London crematorium dropped it while trying to climb over a gate, police said. The burglar, who may have had an accomplice, forced a window at the Golders Green Crematorium on New Year's Eve, took the 4th-century BC urn from its plinth and left the building by the same means. When Freud died in September 1939, his ashes were placed in one of the numerous Greek urns in his collection of antiquities and displayed in the crematorium, which is close to his last home in Hampstead, north London.

Woman dead after plunging from Verrazano-Narrows Bridge   Staten Island Live - January 18, 2014

I watched this unfold yesterday. Today, Ron called. The woman who jumped was the wife of his friend. Ron believes that the stress and being diagnosed with serious medical condition contributed to her decision to leave the program. As she had children, it is all very sad. Her body landed at the same spot Ron and I sometimes walk out to to feel the energies. Sickness and suicides are increasing.