Monday, January 27, 2014


Event Horizons

Physicist Stephen Hawking has something new to say about black holes. Though not reversing his theory of their existence, there seems to be some question in his mind about its validity. He has to be reading articles from other physicists about time as an illusion ... space as an illusion ... all of this as an illusion ... and then trying to apply it to the concept of black holes. I see it as part of the awakening process, not only for Hawking, but for all of humanity. As we reach the end of our experience in physical time, the hologram itself is showing us - in many different ways - what it is all about. One day soon it will create an event that will allow everyone to understand who we are and why we are here.

Do black holes exist? Does an alleged event horizon pull things in ... never to be seen again ... a cosmic one-way street. Is a black hole a vehicle through which light both comes and goes though we can't see it? This of course takes us to theories of dark energy and dark matter ... or do neither of these exist and it's all just an illusion as well as a metaphor? Reality is myth, math, and metaphor set in linear time for our experience.

It goes along with my theory of reality as projected illusion emanating from a source, or void, or projector, or "black hole" as it appears black to us as it is beyond our visual spectrum.

Let's time travel back to the year 2011 and a blog I wrote about a PBS special Fabric of the Cosmos in which physicist Brian Greene presents evidence that reality is a hologram and time is an illusion. Little by little ... as the program closes ... we will see the validity of what most physicists have concluded. In Part 1 What is Space - Brian explains how reality is projected through the eye of what one would call a black hole. Please watch the video to better understand. Then read up on Stephen Hawking's lasted theory to understand how the hologram is seeding human consciousness for closure.

I spent Sunday with my friend Sherif, a physicist, who said Stephen Hawking's event horizon/black hole theory is not widely excepted in his community. Sherif works with the movement of light - Photonics. He actually agrees with my conclusions about reality.

Stephen Hawking: There Are No Black Holes   Live Science - January 26, 2014
Has Hawking changed his mind? Are black holes merely a figment of our collective imaginations? Are all those crank theories about "alternative" theories of the Cosmos true?! Fortunately not. The very basis of this burning issue is the thing that makes black holes black - the event horizon. In its most basic form, the event horizon of a black hole is the point at which even light cannot escape the gravitational clutches of the massive black hole singularity. If light cannot escape, it stands to reason that it will appear as a black sphere in space.

Stephen Hawking's new theory offers black hole escape   New Scientist - January 26, 2014
Stephen Hawking has a new mind-bending theory about black holes, the bizarre cosmic objects that cemented his reputation as the world's most famous living scientist. A group led by Joseph Polchinski of the University of California in Santa Barbara suggested information leaving a black hole would produce massive amounts of energy, creating a wall of fire at the event horizon that would consume anything falling in. This would break a rule of general relativity that says crossing a black hole's event horizon should be uneventful - hence the paradox.