Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Quickies

I've lived through some really cold winters ... but this one never seems to end. I know ... I know ... it's all part of climate changes and end times. Even if you don't believe in end times, there's no escaping the fact that really soon the planet will be unsustainable ... but that's just the tip of the iceberg. One must always be prepared even if it seems like nothing is going to happen. What happened in Atlanta yesterday could have been avoided in part, if people had just planned ahead.

We are in Aquarius - sudden and unexpected change. Mercury is about to go retrograde - expect the unexpected.

If you follow the earthquake map, you'll notice how much activity is going on in and around Greece. Then there's the north mid-Atlantic Ridge - very interesting. It's all going somewhere ... soon.

Last night on NBC nightly news - anchor Brian Williams had an interesting piece about how overworked people are today. Though the Internet and social media are supposed to expedite the way we live our lives - in truth people take their work home with them, work round-the-clock, often deal with different time zones so they work ridiculous hours, are generally overworked, lack equipment to get the job done, are beyond burned out, and the list goes on and on and on. The sad part is, it's not going to change. The program is broken, as are many, or most, of the characters with in.

Proof of the nature of reality as a mathematical construct continues. This story today from Brooklyn, NY ... I love that physicists continue to seed this information into the hologram. Physical proof will be discovered at the instant the hologram closes. Can you sense how close that is?

What's the Universe Made Of? Math, Says says MIT Cosmologist Max Tegmark   Live Science - January 30, 2014