Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex

There's only one story today ... the weather ... called a polar vortex that has much of the county immobilized in its grip. Yesterday, it was 50 degrees - today it's 10 degrees with a wind chill below zero - by Saturday we are back in the 50's. It's dangerous out there, so be careful. I'm keeping warm and working behind the scene on Crystalinks.

  North America arctic blast creeps east   CNN - January 7, 2014
A brutal blast of arctic air is heading east across North America, bringing dangerously low temperatures not seen in two decades, warn forecasters.

UK floods prompt space charter activation   BBC - January 7, 2014
Serious flooding in parts of the UK has prompted the government to activate the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters.

Antarctic ships escape from ice trap as weather changes   CNN - January 7, 2014
The Russian research ship Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese icebreaker Xue Long have broken free from Antarctic ice where they had been stranded for several days.

Supernova 'dust factory' pictured   BBC - January 6, 2014
Striking images of a young supernova brimming with fresh dust have been captured by a telescope in the Chilean desert. It is the first time astronomers have witnessed the genesis of the grains which formed galaxies in the early universe. Supernova (File updated)

Supernovae - New Beginnings

Here is the image from the news article above.

Here is an image about creation from a former blog.

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