Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sometimes weather is
just weather ...

With freezing temps and many people staying home, I've been too busy with clients to blog. Stuck indoors, people want a look at what lies ahead in their lives in the short and long term.

Friday, I decided to venture out and was really surprised at how intense the cold was. Comments from people I met along the way included - "the weather feels colder each day, whether it is or it isn't it - it just seems that way." "I don't mind the cold."

People talk a lot about weather, but in all weather is just weather - it gets hot - it gets cold - as we adjust to stepped-up climate changes. Extremes are here to stay.

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are this weekend. Cold weather affects us in ways that were often not aware, so please be careful, especially as Mercury is about to go retrograde.

The highlight of my weekend is the Grammy's. Will there be jokes and tweets about Justin Bieber? Probably ... But most people know he needs help. We've all seen how this pattern turns out with other young performers.

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