Friday, January 17, 2014

The Setting Moon

The Full Moon in Cancer from my window this morning - set as the sun rose on a gorgeous day for January in the city.

Do you sense active alien bases on the moon? I don't. I see nothing but the Chinese lunar lander.

Off to the dentist for a cleaning. I don't do medical or dental during Mercury Retrograde (Feb.)

Think I'll take my flying car ... or maybe my UFO ... See ya' ... or not .... I might just keep going ... ready George?

Flying Cars in 2015

There's nothing I like more than flying, in a any sense of the word. It feels unnatural to be Earth bound. Forget about my Lexus. In 2015 the first flying car could go on sale. What's next? UFO's and the fun things that go with them.

Flying Cars

One of my favorite Bruce Willis save-the-world sci-fi films was The Fifth Element in which he played a taxi driver in the year 2263 where cars fly. There was also the cool scene where his lunch was delivered by an Asian man in a flying restaurant boat. That's how life should be ... faster and not grounded. You may also recall, the film featured the alien Blue Lady, a diva with a secret.

  Flying drone inspired by swimming jellyfish   BBC - January 15, 2014
Scientists have built what they say is the first flying machine that hovers in a stable manner by flapping its wings. Previous designs for so-called flapping wing aircraft have mimicked the wing motions of insects, but the new design is based on the way jellyfish swim.