Friday, January 31, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy

  A Terracotta Army of Girls Inspired by China's Bias Toward Boys  
Wired - January 29, 2014

China excels at large-scale endeavors, and art is no different. New York artist Prune Nourry was uniquely able to produce her installation Terracotta Daughters, a 116-statue update to the famed Terracotta Army, by enlisting the help of Chinese master craftsman Wen Xianfeng and traveling to Xi'an several times over the course of a year. Coming from New York the first thing that blows you away is the amount of space artists have to work with here ... some of their studios could have been museums in New York, says Zachary Bako, whose beautiful photographs document the artwork's creation. Not only was the amount of space available crucial to the project's completion, but Nourry was able to use a working Terracotta Army replica factory to produce these larger pieces.

January 30, 2014 -- New Moon 10° Aquarius
Aquarius is a fixed air sign - concerned with archetypes and consciousness.

January 31, 2014 -- Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse

Terracotta Army, Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses   Crystalinks

Telekinesis is Emotionally Driven

An interesting thing happened while I was reading a male client Thursday afternoon. He's single, Italian, 40s, psychic, and works in corporate sales.

The same issues and decisions have been facing him for years involving job, family, and his current relationship - all of which need to change. He has put it off for years but now it's starting to affect his health and he is very worried. Karma kept him tied to the family home. Attempts to leave and move on his own resulted in extreme feelings of guilt. Change not only became difficult but, at this point, was starting to immobilize him.

As we discussed each of the topics in his life that have to change now, a strange thing happened. The breakfront in my dining room started to shake based on the telekinetic energy he was putting out at the thought of making each change. Other topics would not cause this motion in my furniture. When it first happened we thought there was an earthquake, but the energy was localized to the breakfront behind him. Then we thought perhaps his deceased father was acknowledging that he needs to make change because I had seen him enter the room as he introduced himself.

We went from topic to topic in my client's life and each one was so emotionally charged that when his programming acknowledged he was going to make the necessary change - the breakfront shook - the crystals jingling. We moved from topic to topic. When there was no emotional energy with a specific topic nothing happened. When we hit the key issues ... the breakfront shook. It took me no time to realize it was his telekinetic energy moving the breakfront which was right behind him, though not touching his chair. His old programming was ending and his new programming was activated. What a way to go! Luckily, I record my sessions so it's all there. Another fun reading at Ellie's house.

What is My Mission?

Yes, folks, people are still trying to figure that out even after years in metaphysics.

The feeling of having a special purpose is encoded in all of us. It's what keeps us going most of the time. I know I've addressed this before, but as people lose focus and meaning in life, what continues to drive them, is this feeling of, "I am here for something special", and yet few people know what that is.

The healers think it's about healing. The energy workers think it's about shifting grids. People attribute different values to what they consider their purpose in life. At the end of the day, few people are here to actually change the world, because things are preprogrammed.

The realization of who we are in a holographic simulation is the end of the mission and something everybody who is part of this experiment will either realize now or in the near future. All you can do is relax, create balance. and just coast through life. It's never easy and never has been. That's the truth.

Gaining Access

Some people will do anything to gain access to your computer. We know about the NSA surveillance and everything along those lines to which the average person has nothing to hide. It would seem the hacking business is expanding. Each new generation of computer techies are born with brains wired to easily configure the algorithms needed to hack. Can they hack into the larger simulation of reality to perhaps perpetuate the game? NO! Reality may seem like a game at times, but in truth it's just a learning experience, one that will not allow the characters it creates to alter the ultimate destiny.

Did you get the memo/message/email? Receiving spam email is also changing. For years it wound up in one's junk-mail folder thanks to spam filters. Today we find new algorithms and new ways to send it and thus attempt to gain access to other's computers and personal information. Sometimes I receive email that looks very official - as if from a government agency or the like. It contains an attachment. It may ask me to verify something. I never ever open it. To open the attachment will not necessarily cause harm to the computer on the surface, but can allow remote access to one's computer without them knowing it. You already know not to give personal information in email, yet millions of people do.

Ellie and email is a very simple matter ... if not business, I read no more than two sentences ... then delete. Email or text should be a couple of words - that works for me. I am a phone person for any extended conversation. One man wanted to get to know me better ... or so he said. He friended me on Facebook - another healer with more issues than the people he's healing. LOL. Then he wanted to find out more through email exchanges. Like I have nothing better to do! I told him a phone call would be far more efficient. Instead. he sent me a series of voice emails each one lasting about five minutes. He pretty much told me the facts of his current situation, and never really asked about my life. In the time it took him to create these voicemails and send them ... and for me to listen to them and then type a reply or even attempt to ... we could've had a conversation ... or not. I deleted him. Take that anyway you want.

The donation ... here's something very tricky. Someone makes a one dollar donation to Crystalinks through PayPal. In return, they expect an email message from me thanking them. At that point they can change the content of the email and make it appear I am saying things that I am not. It reminds me of theft identity where people start using somebody's stolen credit card with a small $10 purchase. The banks are savvy to all of that. I no longer thank people who send a small donation in case there is an ulterior motive. Be careful.