Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1954 - April 2014

Sixty years ago today, my mother and I, as well as the driver of the vehicle she hired, were heading west towards Nevada on a journey that would change the course of our lives. Four days later, in the Nevada desert, I had my "alien" encounter. Many professional psychics, through the years, without knowing what happened to me, have retraced our journey, coming up with the same scenario as I remember it. I have also been hypnotized and described the exact events in more vivid detail.

Ellie, Mom (Florence), and my best friend Susan Axelrod
Susan's initials are S.A. as in Sarah and Alexander.
Psychic references to Sarah and Alexander are shown in Susan's likeness.

Basically. my mom, also psychic, was guided to take me somewhere in or near Black Rock Desert and Pyramid Lake which I would return to verify in 1988. Leaving everything behind, she hired the driver. Psychics have seen UFOs watching us as we drove west across the country. There was nothing random about the experience. Information given to me six decades ago has shaped my destiny and still does, allowing me to feel guided and protected along the way as we move forward into the next.

The reason I found my way back to the 1954 file was also not a coincidence. Last week I received email, in a professional capacity, from someone I guided to my biography. It had been two years since I had reviewed it ... and for some reason that day I knew I had to make updates if needed, usually media. Once there, the date April 1, 1954 jumped off the screen as if transporting me in space and time. I heard Z say, "It's been 60 years". My mind returned to the experience as if I was having it at that moment, only this time I was a Watcher, observing Ellie. I'm not sure if this has any significance with my fate here but something is stirring. - Ellie Crystal still reporting from the event horizon watching reality unfold.