Monday, April 14, 2014


This is why I stopped teaching ....
Teaching to optimize learning or control misbehavior? Scale of disruptive behavior in schools seriously underestimated   PhysOrg - April 14, 2014
The true extent of poor pupil behavior in schools is seriously underestimated, according to an academic. The research raises the question of the extent to which there is a right to learn in classrooms. The researcher argues that behavior cannot be interpreted as satisfactory if some pupils are impeding the learning of others and if teachers are not able to teach the class in a way that focuses primarily on optimizing pupil learning rather than on control issues.

This is why I don't want to remarry ...
As of late, I have read couples who are very happy - some married, others living together. Having been happily married for 20 years, I know that marriage can work when both partners are emotionally balanced and grow together. When I started my metaphysical journey, I knew it would not fit in with the responsibilities of marriage. I wanted to be free and I still feel the same. Through the years, there have been clients and friends who have pushed the concept of meeting a man, settling down, and getting married. They thought that was my road to happiness. When I read these clients, or spoke to these friends, I hoped they didn't breach the subject of marriage with me. And so the years past ... now many of them are divorced or widowed. The funny thing is, none of them want to marry again!!!