Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solar Eclipse Brings Devastation

Since the day of its creation, planet Earth has always been in a state of ongoing change and upheaval. This week, in the energies of a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus - devastation hit and it's not over yet as deadly twisters storm the US. What's the most surreal thing about a tornado is that it generally comes out of the blue - as one minute someone's home is standing and the next minute it's gone.

  Frantic, Chilling Moments As Tornadoes Slam Southern US   ABC - April 29, 2014

  More deadly tornadoes in southern US   BBC - April 29, 2014
Powerful storms are barreling down on the southern US for a second night, raising the death toll above 20.

  75 million Americans under threat of severe weather   CNN - April 29, 2014
The scope is staggering. Some 75 million Americans are under threat of severe weather on Tuesday. People from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, and from the Midwest to the East Coast, are advised to keep their eyes to the sky and their ears to the radio. That's a third of the country.

Disaster Survivors: How Stress Changes the Brain   Live Science - April 29, 2014

How well a person recovers from traumatic events may depend on in part on their self-esteem, according to researchers who examined the effects of a major earthquake on the survivors' brains.