Monday, April 14, 2014

Today is 4.14.14

The holidays take us back to the Middle East ... the beginning. Do you believe the main characters involved - Jesus and Moses - were men, myth, or alien inserts? Did you experience in their timelines? Moses, takes us to Egypt, and all of the energy and mythology most readers of this blog have an affinity for. The most memorable event in the life of Moses was allegedly parting the Red Sea. Do you believe that ever happened? Close your eyes ... go to the event ... if you can find it in the grids. Fiction or non-fiction? Many people have an affinity for, and feel a connection to, the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. Was the crucifixion fiction? Close your eyes and chose an event in the life of Jesus. Are you an observer or did you participate in that insert?

The object of any past life regression, or review of a past experience in the grids, is for you to understand the how the inserts of reality work. Why are they created? How are they deleted? rebooted? updated? The eclipse window allows consciousness your consciousness to move through the grids and explore the mechanisms of the hologram. Many people now recognize that we live in a hologram. The final step, and the hologram is helping you along the way, is the understanding that it's coming to closure and you are here to that end.

April 14, 1935

Erich von Daniken

  Erich von Daniken Google Videos

Erich von Daniken is a controversial Swiss author best known for his books about extraterrestrial influence on human culture since prehistoric times. He is one of the main figures responsible for popularizing the "paleo-contact" and ancient astronaut hypotheses - human evolution may have been manipulated by means of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial beings. He frequently appears on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

Physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitations exists throughout the planet.

Erich von Daniken

This image reminds me of the Anunnaki ... Winged Reptilian Aliens.

An Unusual Globule in IC 1396   NASA- April 14, 2014

April 15, 2014

Eclipse Series, Four Blood Moons

The April 15, 2014 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25° Libra is the start of a cycle. It will create a lot of energy on the planet but that does not mean the program is going to end. Though the clock is ticking .. there is still time left. For those who foresee a disastrous ending as events on the planet grow worse, closure will come out of the blue ... not in a particular astrological alignment. Just pay attention, follow your intuition and you will know. During this cycle, people who are here to make a difference, will be shown the way.

April 14-22, 2014

Pesach, Passover   Crystalinks

Passover Begins at Sundown

Passover commemorates the Exodus and freedom of the Israelites from ancient Egypt. As described in the Book of Exodus, Passover marks the "birth" of the Children of Israel who become the Jewish nation, as the Jews' ancestors were freed from being slaves of Pharaoh and allowed to become followers of God instead.

Let my people go.


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