Saturday, April 5, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370

Have they located the beacon signal coming from the black box of MH370? I would like to hope so, to bring closure to the families who are waiting, but I doubt it.

One hypothesis suggests that missing Malaysian Flight 370 was remotely hijacked or cyber jacked. This theory is becoming more popular since nothing definitive has been found - or reported to the public - four weeks after The Event. A cyber jacking opens up many questions such as Who did it? Why? Where's the plane?

The facts are - the flight changed course - then just disappeared - no debris - no explosion - nothing.

If you watch "Person of Interest" - in an episode this season called "4C" - Harold - my favorite techie - remotely took over the controls of a large passenger plane from his office in Manhattan - to present the plane from crashing. It's like watching someone playing with a remote airplane.

There are technologies out there that overlap into the realm of sci-fi which I believe are the result of reverse engineering deliberately inserted into the hologram now and linked to time travel. These technologies have followed us throughout history with various devices.

My main focus is time - as in time travel - timelines - the grids. As I blogged in the past -- we are stuck in a time loop -- repeating events that happened many times before -- coming to the zero point where once again have the "window of opportunity" to set things right and close the hologram. That is why I am here.

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