Wednesday, April 30, 2014

National Honesty Day

Today is Honest Day. Since April 1 is Fool's day, the last day of April was invented to be Honesty Day. But, honestly, (pun intended), how many people can go one day with telling the whole truth, and nothing but truth. Whether it's "Do I look fat in this dress?", to "Will I find THE ONE?", to how we engage our family and friends. And there's always the man in the mirror, as Michael Jackson's song goes. More importantly, are we really being totally honest with ourselves? How many times have we observed someone else and thought that person is just kidding him/herself. Is that person honestly facing their fears? Who knew how honesty could be a bigger thing than just a little white lie. It all goes to one's programming as they say.

So, let's just try to be as self aware as we can this Honesty Day, and beyond. Knowledge is power, and self knowledge is self empowering.