Friday, May 2, 2014

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May 2, 1972

Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an
award winning American actor and professional wrestler. Filmography

My goal was never to be the loudest or the craziest. It was to be the most entertaining.

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I generally don't blog about stories like this but it is too ridiculous to pass up. As one who likes to stay on top of the news, I'm sure you took a few seconds of your time to read the articles and watch the news about 80 year old Donald Sterling - the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball franchise of the National Basketball Association (NBA). His private racial comments on the phone were recorded, then published by his "female friend", V. Stiviano.

V ... perhaps as in aliens with her new look like Daft Punk ... has currently stated she wants to be president of United States. How ridiculous! Can any of us imagine Americans electing a president who would listen in on people's phone conversations ... never going to happen. If the world wasn't going completely mad, you think this whole thing was staged as part of a reality show ... but this is the real world folks and these are the players in it.

My opinion - when I first saw Donald Sterling on the news - I felt he had cancer. If the latest reports are true, he has prostate cancer. Though I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone ... look at the area where the cancer manifested. Based on his current arrogant behavior ... one could jokingly conclude that Mr. Sterling certainly has "a big pair" with lots of problems ahead.

NBA owners agree to force sale of LA Clippers   BBC - May 2, 2014
Owner Donald Sterling was banned from the sport for life this week after he was recorded making racist remarks.

Horse Racing

May 3, 2014

Kentucky Derby   Wikipedia

The Kentucky Derby

Millions of dollars will be won and lost tomorrow at the Kentucky Derby.

Do you bet on the horses?

There will be lots of women in fancy hats, and others who wear "many hats", playing out their dramas.

Meet Steve Buttleman, official bugler of the Kentucky Derby. I hear him playing in my head.


May 4, 2014

New York Five Boro Bike Tour

Five Boro Bike Tour   Wikipedia

Sunday looks like a picture-perfect day here in the city. On the downside ... people who like to get out and about on a spring-like Sunday afternoon, better leave early because many of the highways and streets will be closed.

On the upside ... the five borough bike tour brings dozens of people, on all sorts of bicycles, to my doorstep when they stop at the park outside for free water and fruit, and to socialize, rest and use the portable toilets. Have fun guys. See you there. Special memo to my friend Chris ... I hope you finish again this year.


Also exciting for us hockey fans is the Stanley Cup, as hockey season comes to an end. I've been a Ranger fan as far back as I can remember.

  NHL Playoffs: Subban, Habs survive Bruins' rally to win Game 1 in 2-OT   SI - May 2, 2014

The true cost of injuries to NHL players: $218-million each season   Globe and Mail - January 2014


My friends and I didn't play Rock-paper-scissors when I was growing up in Brooklyn.

After it was featured on NCIS Los Angeles ... I became fascinated to the point I decided to try it with someone who could teach me how it's done. You win some ... you lose some.

What I learned is that people change the rules along the way. Now isn't that a metaphor on the games of life.

How to win at rock-paper-scissors   BBC - May 2, 2014

What are your odds of winning rock-paper-scissors? Simple - one in three. At least, that's what chance predicts. But people do not play randomly - they follow hidden patterns that you can predict to win more games than you should, a study has revealed. Winners tend to stick with their winning action, while losers tend to switch to the next action in the sequence "rock-paper-scissors". Anticipating these moves could give you a winning edge, say scientists.

How to win at rock-paper-scissors   WikiHow