Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Future

Has your "ship come in?" Is it a "battle ship"? Cruiser?

Thursday, I watched the ships arrive for Fleet Week 2014.

My building is not seen but is just to the left of the Verrazano bridge on the photo above.

Fleet Week is part of the 3 day Memorial Day Weekend celebrations as many people make plans now ... consciousness now shifts into summer which includes - travel, concerts, celebrations, and in general - their next phase of change.

In some areas school is over and graduation is happening. My grandson Giovanni, in Chandler, Arizona, graduates middle school today ... then he's off to high school in mid-July. In other states, like NY and NJ, proms, senior trips and activities, and graduation are all part of June's activities.

So what are parents asking about? If they have a child who is graduating now, they want to know what comes next. One of the biggest problems is teens graduating who are not emotionally or intellectually programmed to continue on to college - you know the pattern. Some teens may be lucky enough to get jobs from friends or family. Others are going to stay home and do nothing as parents go crazy. Some may work at teen jobs to save money then travel to find themselves. Many adults are in that same place - life is boring, depressive, meaningless, frustrating, and they want to retire from it all and find their greater purpose.

Good luck to all in finding something to do that you are passionate about, brings self fulfillment, and of course income. If you're pitching an idea or concept, try putting some humor into it. It goes along way in getting people's attention and connection. They will remember you better. They say that laughing improves your memory, lowers you blood-pressure, and lowers stress hormones. In the end ... you know it's all about your programming - some of us love to laugh and have a great personality and sense of humor while others ... don't. My two best friends spend much of our conversations just laughing.