Saturday, May 17, 2014

Woman in Broadcast Journalism

Friday, Barbara Walters made her final appearance on The View, which featured women in broadcast journalism who have been inspired by Barbara's dedication and work. Oprah led the parade of women to not only say goodbye, but to say "thank you" for paving the way. I loved it when Oprah picked up the microphone and took over as she introduced the women. It was like she was in control of the whole event and it was so cool. We salute you, Barbara, - and the other ladies - great job!

In my own way, I feel part of their world having hosted:

    Two TV talk shows - "The Metaphysical Experience" and "Satellite Psychic",

    Blog Talk Radio - "Ellie's World",

    Blogging for the past 18+ years, sometimes interviewing interesting people.

I have this feeling that the most important part of my work in media is going to show itself in the near future. ;)

Media, of all the professions, is always in a state of flux and change. It is totally unpredictable - and yet represents one of the greatest forums for bringing social, economic, political, and other issues to the fore. Broadcast media, combined with social media, takes you to the forefront of evolution in a matter of minutes.

May 18, 2014

Billboard Music Awards   Wikipedia

2014 Billboard Music Awards Website

This should be another great evening of entertainment featuring new music by Michael Jackson and performances from some of your favorite entertainers, including Justin Timberlake. Hosting this Sunday's annual music celebration on ABC is one of hip-hop's all-time most successful artists - Ludacris.

Earth Changes - Updated

We always follow events in the Pacific but now let's have a look at the Atlantic.

Very strong 6.0 earthquake out of the coast of Guadeloupe (Caribbean)   Earthquake - May 16, 2014
he image below shows the Atlantic North American oceanic plate who moves to the West and a Caribbean plate who moves to the East. The oceanic plate dives below the arc with the islands and sometimes hangs (instead of gradually creeping below it). When the energy gets too big the friction area breaks and an earthquake is generated.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda   Carib Journal - May 17, 2014
A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake caused shaking in Antigua and Barbuda and Guadeloupe on Friday morning, according to data from the United States Geological Survey. The quake struck at around 7:01 AM local time at a depth of about 24 kilometres. Its epicentre was 113 kilometres northeast of Grand Anse in Guadeloupe and about 155 kilometres east of St JohnÕs, Antigua and Barbuda. It was the latest in a string of moderate to strong earthquakes in the Caribbean region in recent months. It was the strongest earthquake in the Caribbean Sea since a 6.4-magnitude quake struck Puerto Rico in January. The quake was followed by several aftershocks of around 4.8 to 5.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. There were also reports of shaking around the Eastern Caribbean region, including in Dominica.


The Pacific Plate is coming apart - with the plates sliding over one another. If you're following the news ... from Antarctica north along the Pacific Rim into Canada ... you realize the intensity of earthquake activity - highlighted Tuesday with a 6.8 Earthquake Hits off Panama. Earthquakes along the Pacific rim are no longer in the 4's and 5's but the 6's and 7's. As you know large earthquakes trigger tsunamis. The headline story this week is about the unstoppable Antarctica collapse. It won't be long now. Read more ...