Monday, May 5, 2014

Jack is Back

The Countdown is on .... tonight the TV series 24 returns.

If you look at the image above and can hear the series' chimes (music) in your head, you are a fan of "24" ... anxious to move on to the next chapter. No matter how ridiculous the show sometimes gets, there are always many underlying principles and truths. It's been four years since we lived through another insane day with Jack Bauer, who always saves the world but winds up playing the victim thus having to go on the run. How many times has Jack cheated death?

Set in London 24: Live Another Day premieres tonight on FOX. Jack comes out of hiding to save the life of President James Heller played by William Devane. The last time William DeVane was president of the US was on Stargate SG1 - battling aliens in 2004 as they attacked the Atlantis outpost under Antarctica. But that was then and this is now and our slant on the alien-human connection and reality has evolved. Michael Shanks, best remembered as Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1, played Mark Bishop in Season 7 of "24".

We've all evolved over the past four years, as well as the characters, technologies, weapons, and themes of the shows our grids currently align with. "24: Live Another Day" focuses on "Drone Warfare", "Wikileaks", and "Hyper Government Surveillance", all of which are serious issues. What do you focus on?

If you watch Person of Interest you've probably concluded that Harold's Machine exists and the government can watch us anywhere, anytime, anyplace with increasing efficiency. Then again we have The Watchers, which returns us to what we perceive of as aliens involved with topics relevant to the human paradigm.

Let's visit some of the characters who are returning to "24" ... more crossovers ...

Kim Raver reprises her role as Audrey Raines - the daughter of President Heller - a committed and passionate woman with a tragic past, who fell in love with Jack. Whoops ... don't go there Audrey. All of the women in Jack's life are either dead or completely certifiable. Audrey was last seen in the final scenes of Season 6, when Jack realized he had to say goodbye to a catatonic Audrey. In "24: Live Another Day," Audrey is married to her father's Chief of Staff, Mark Boudreau. Kim Raver also appears on the TV series NCIS Los Angeles and Revolution.

In 2012-2013, Keifer Sutherland starred in the TV series Touch, where he evolved into a Jack Bauer character. Along the way he fell for Lucy Robbins played by Maria Bello who was killed. Annie Wersching played Renee Walker, Jack's next love interest in Season 8 of "24" - she was killed. Wersching next appeared in the last episodes of "Touch" who probably would have been killed.

Are you following this? Just remember that your soul plays many interconnected roles ... the symmetry of which is beyond human comprehension. You may have knowingly walked past, or interacted with, another aspect of your soul today. This is very common with soulmates - those we fall in love with or feel magnetically attracted to.

3D ... 3 Dumb ... "Freedom" once we return to consciousness.

Who could ever forget Jack Bauer's BFF Chloe O'Brian, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub - looking very gothic this time around. In the past Chloe was a brilliant systems analyst - loyal to Jack and willing to risk her job and freedom in order to go along with his "ends justify the means" mentality. Chloe was last seen as Interim CTU Director. In an extended scene of the season 8 DVD, she is seen being arrested by the FBI in her home for helping Jack escape the authorities. She is now involved with the free information movement, working alongside Adrian Cross, who is now her boyfriend after Morris O'Brian divorced her and took custody of their child.


In the past, the TV series "24" unfolded over the course of One Day, 24 hours, 24 episodes.

"24: Live Another Day" unfolds over 12 episodes, though viewers are supposed to believe 24 hours have past. One might see this as a metaphor about the "folding in" of time.

I have heard that all of the physical reality takes place in the "course" of One Day, and at the End of the Day, we return to consciousness and light.

Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico which commemorates
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