Wednesday, May 14, 2014


May 14, 2014

Full Moon 23° Scorpio

Wesak Wikipedia

The May Full Moon takes us to Wesak and Gautama Buddha.

Each year at this time Buddhists, and others, gather in different parts of the world to pray, heal and find answers - the eternal themes. Here in the US we find the annual Wesak Festival at Mt. Shasta, CA. which took place May 9-11. One does not have to attend the festival to feel the energies. You can visit Mount Shasta whenever you feel guided. It would appear there is always something spiritual going on. I'm not into ascended masters or religious belief systems, but sometimes they help release stress as the definition of "spiritual" changes from year-to-year.

Recently, all I hear about are people suddenly dying of heart failure. They are not old, basically healthy, but here's the glitch - stress - which apparently is cumulative.