Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crystal Clear

As you know, before a client comes for reading, I decide what color to wear based on what I "see" them wearing, or something linked to their energies. Most of the time I am spot on. Sunday, I thought to wear a specific color of blue/green (not turquoise) which told me the client was either in the medical profession, a healer, or had medical problems. As I reached for my blue/green top I heard, "No. You have to wear navy and your sapphire and diamond necklace." Puzzled, I listened and changed - besides, navy has always been a favorite color linked to end times for me. (It comes out of the blue, fade to black, you know the metaphors).

The client arrived shortly thereafter, and, lo and behold, was wearing the blue/green color I had originally put on. She is a doctor who lost her mom two weeks ago, which I assumed linked to the heart jewelry and chakra. It wasn't long before her mother arrived at our reading. We laughed and chatted and spent a long time in discussion about her life and reality.

Then, her mother did something very interesting ... she showed me the image of this crystal with Solux just above my head and said, "This is how you look to me now." That was indeed strange for how would she know about the crystal and ETs and more. Yet there she was, conjuring up memories of the day I realized that for decades when close my eyes, I saw the head (eyes) of a gray alien staring back at me - recently realizing I was looking at a mirror reflection or another aspect of my soul. That was all cool, but I wanted more.

This takes us to an article posted Tuesday with a hand holding a diamond (that references the Sacred Geometry of our reality in case you missed the memo). There are also an unusually large number of articles about aliens this week. It's about finding the truth about our origins. I hope Mulder and Scully return soon. They've been missed. As for me, the endless facets of reality become more crystal clear each day. Check out the eyes of the person holding the crystal below. You know they always chose blue eyed people. (giggle) The article is about everything being perfect.

When Doing Your Best Means Doing the Bare Minimum   Epoch Times - January 20, 2015

The article: As a recovering perfectionist, it's often difficult to accept the bare minimum. But when I realign with my purpose and bring myself back to center, I realize it's okay. The minimum is okay. What it comes down to is this: Every now and then, I place unnecessary pressure to myself to be better than my best.

Wednesday Morning Debrief

Paris attacks: France boosts anti-terror strategy   BBC - January 21, 2015
France is to create 2,680 new jobs and boost spending by 425m euros (£325m) to bolster counter-terrorism efforts, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said. He said such resources were crucial to dealing with an expanded extremist threat, with 3,000 people currently requiring surveillance across France. Mr Valls was laying out the government's plans following attacks in Paris in which 17 were killed. Earlier, a prosecutor gave details on four men charged over the attacks.

  Yemen Houthi rebel leader says situation critical   BBC - January 21, 2015
The leader of Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen has said that the country is at a critical and defining moment. In a televised address, Abdel Malek al-Houthi accused President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and other leaders of putting their interests ahead of the Yemeni people. Earlier, Houthi rebels shelled the president's home in Sanaa and seized control of the presidential palace.

Shia insurgency in Yemen   Wikipedia

Israel bus attack: Tel Aviv passengers stabbed   BBC - January 21, 2015
Israeli police say they have shot a Palestinian man from the West Bank who stabbed at least 10 people in an attack on a bus in central Tel Aviv.

Syria conflict: Strike on IS-held village kills dozens   BBC - January 21, 2015
Dozens of people have been killed in an air strike on a village held by Islamic State in eastern Syria, activists say. It was not clear who was behind the attack in Khansaa in Hassakeh province, which left between 30 and 80 dead.

Microsoft's 'Windows 10: The Next Chapter' event, join us Wednesday (live blog)   C/NET - January 21, 2015
On January 21, Microsoft will stake out the future of Windows, giving us a glimpse of what its software will look like on mobile devices. A successor to Internet Explorer may also be in store.

State Of The Union

They should do away with this annual speech because today the president gets to address the nation throughout the year. It's like making prediction for 2015 but no one knows what will unexpectedly happen in real time.

  Obama goes on offense   CNN - January 21, 2015

  State of the Union: Obama demands spread of wealth   BBC - January 21, 2015
US President Barack Obama has declared an end to the financial crisis and pledged economic policies to benefit all Americans, in his annual State of the Union address to Congress.

ET Birthdays and Conspiracies
January 20

As everything erupts - the truth about aliens and our origins will surface in End Times.

  Air Force UFO files land on Internet   CNN - January 20, 2015

It's enough to make Mulder and Scully seethe with envy. Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified Air Force files on UFO investigations and sightings are now available in one place online. Declassified government records about UFOs have long existed on microfilm in the National Archives in Washington, DC. Many of them also live on websites devoted to the topic, sometimes free, sometimes not. But UFO enthusiast John Greenewald says his database, Project Blue Book Collection, is the first to compile every single declassified document from the Blue Book project -- headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio from 1947 to 1969 -- in one place for anyone to search or download for free.

David Duchovny says yes to The X-Files reboot   - January 21, 2015

The truth is out there: or rather, here, as Fox Mulder
says he would return for a shorter, rebooted version.