Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cell Phones in High School

Cell phones will soon be allowed at NYC schools   NY Post - January 7, 2015
The controversial regulation that prohibits students from bringing cellphones into schools is being scrapped. The policy reversal was sought for years by students, parents and advocates who saw the devices as an essential lifeline between parents and their kids - particularly on the commute to and from school.

My opinion: I always remember past events when schools were under siege by a crazy guy and students used their cell phones to call for help - saving lives and reassuring parents. I have had a cell phone since the 1990's as a safety measure, and would never leave home without it. Students and parents should be able to keep in touch with each other in case of emergencies or change of plans. In the duality of our reality, there are many reasons students should not have cell phones in class, including cheating, gossiping, too much time spent texting with others. There will also be issues.

Person of Interest

Tuesday night's episode of "Person of Interest" was a reminder of how The Machine (similar to our hologram) reboots simulations over and over in variations to achieve the best possible outcome based on its programmed algorithm - then allows us the characters in the simulation - to play them out. If you missed the episode, please find "time" to watch it. If you still don't get that we experience in a simulation, maybe this episode will help. For the rest ... hang in ... the hologram is close to finding a way to end the program without it rebooting so we have to replay this again. I sound/feel like Root - a character in the simulation who can communicate with The Machine.

I watch the spoilers at the end of each episode. As I tried to watch them on my DVR, the recording kept skipping to the end ... "Save" "Delete" or "Restart" Program. I had to restart and fast forward 4 times until I was able to see the spoilers. Therein lies another message - restart ... restart ... restart ... restart until you get it right. Got it! Next week's episode is called "Control-Alt-Delete" Part 3 of a Trilogy . I won't write what happens, but if curious you can watch the preview on YouTube.

In what we call "real life" actress Sarah Shahi is pregnant with twins. She'll be back.

January 7, 2015

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