Thursday, January 15, 2015

Earthquakes Continue in
Eastern Connecticut

Today, eastern Connecticut had its 12th earthquake in 10 days. Connecticut is not known as a hotbed of seismic activity, but residents in and around Plainfield, in the eastern part of the state, near the Rhode Island border, have felt tremors, Moderate to large earthquakes are rare in New England, but Connecticut is not immune to earthquake activity. There are minor fault lines all over the country that don't typically activate. Swarms are not unprecedented in Connecticut - one in the 1980s in the village of Moodus, farther west in the state, comprised hundreds of small quakes - but they are very rare.

Some residents think doomsday is coming and this swarm of earthquakes a precursor to something larger.

Everything has an expiration date or shelf life from the moment of its creation in the hologram to its end - including your time here.

Let's take this to the business world. Businesses and jobs come in and go out all the time with many variables affecting the timeline. With everything in a state of flux and evolution, no business lasts forever and if not taken to a more updated version, sometimes after its 15 minutes of success - it signals the end. With that a new type of client has emerged - one who has been in an industry for years if not decades then has decided to go on their own with the knowledge of how to revitalize a dying business.

To be more specific, in the past month I have read 4 people in the health industry - 2 medical - 2 dental - working in different US states - who have helped doctors and dentists modernize and market their businesses - and it has worked. These clients have created effective business models after years in their industry and staying on top of things. Medical professionals are not techies and need help. Sometimes it's about the way medical records are networked, to updates in equipment, websites, and patient outreach. Social networking is part of the equation and often foreign to health care providers who may associate it with the negatives side of the Internet. The world is competitive, backstabbing and often dysfunctional. Plan carefully and go with the flow.

FYI - Even the hologram has an expiration date - and like everything else will collapse before it dies.

Thursday January 15, 2015

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