Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Shaking in Connecticut, Again

3.3 Magnitude earthquake hits Plainfield, CT Monday morning   FOX - January 12, 2015

On January 8 ... 2.3 Earthquake Rattles Eastern Connecticut   NBC - January 8, 2015

72nd Golden Globes

Speaking of 70's ... For us Seniors ... Jane Fonda, 77

Jane with Lily Tomlin, 77

I love Helen Mirren who turns 70 this year

As always there were highs and lows at the Golden Globes and of course a few surprise winners. The fashions were again both good and bad but appropriate for the celebrities wearing them. I watched most of the show this morning on DVR.

When making choices about what to watch, I allow my consciousness to move forward in time to the place where I have already seen the show and know if I will like it.

Based on that, Sunday night I watched two favorite shows that rarely disappoint - "Madame Secretary" and "The Good Wife" - both delving into social and political issues in a professional way. Actor Tom Skerritt had one memorable line in "Madame Secretary". "Don't judge a person by their worse moment." It's true. We all make mistakes and have regrets. The point is not to be programmed to repeat them. Most people and things that disappoint you, will do it again and again. Never build your future around them.

Transparent won for best TV Series - Musical or Comedy. This is the first show produced by Amazon Studios that won a major award. The story revolves around a Los Angeles family and their lives following the discovery that father Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) is transgendered. Last week I read a transgendered man in his 60's who spent the first 20 years of his life as a woman then made the change to male though his genitalia remained female. Interesting challenges to say the least and now he is going through something that unites him with all of humanity, "What is my purpose here? How can I make a difference?"

  All about the 2015 Golden Globes   CNN - January 12, 2015

    1. Standing up for free speech and social justice
    2. Women take center stage
    3. Upsets
    4. Boyhood is the Oscars front-runner
    5. Charming George Clooney