Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ellie and Mike,
"the Lottery Guy"

Saturday January 17, 2015

Over 20 years ago, I read a guy named Mike from my neighborhood. He was just a kid in his 20's trying to figure life out. Last month, I met a woman in the elevator of my building who I was drawn to, so we started talking. It was as if I had always known her and she felt the same. She had just moved to the building. When I introduced myself and told her I was a psychic, she laughed and said, "You read my son Mike years ago. We were just talking about you. You were very good."

A few days later, Mike called for a reading - returning for another reading today. Before he arrived, I felt an overwhelming urge to wear purple, changing blouses several times to get the right color - bright purple. When I mentioned purple to him - he laughed and told me it's his favorite color, pointing to his jacket.

Mike has spent the past decade working for the NY State Lottery. He's the guy who brings the tickets to the stores so he can't play in NYS but as he lives in New Jersey he can play there. I also found out several people in Bay Ridge won over one million dollars playing different kinds of games.

After the reading, I felt an urge to go to the store across the street and buy a lottery ticket, which I never do ... so off we went. The palm print I had created of Mike's hand had numbers on it so I played them for tonight. I also bought one of those scratch-offs everybody plays, so I picked 27, my daughter Zsia's birthday.

Buying the 2 tickets

Scratching off the ticket

The Win !!! Yeah !!

The Pick 4 ticket I'm holding had 3 out of 4 numbers.