Saturday, March 14, 2015


Pi Day Text, Videos, News

In the year 2015, Pi Day will have special significance on 3/14/15 at
9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of pi.

Saturday, March 14 is a very special Pi Day that comes but once in a century. It's 3-14-15, the only time before 2115 that the date reflects five digits of the magical, infinite number, 3.141592653 ... Watch these videos and geek out to really smart people reciting Pi. Be sure to note the time 9:26:53 this morning and night, when even more digits will match Pi.

March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist
considered one of the greatest physicists of all time.

As far as the laws of mathematics
refer to reality, they are not certain,

and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

Mass and energy are both different
manifestations of the same thing

a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.

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March 14, 1835 - July 4, 1910

Giovanni Schiaparelli

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Giovanni Schiaparelli was an award winning Italian astronomer and science historian. Schiaparelli peered through his telescope one evening in 1877 and discovered what he took to be the Red Planet's famous canals giving rise to waves of hypotheses, speculation, and folklore about the possibility of intelligent life on Mars, the Martians. As it turned out, the canals were an optical illusion, but current research suggests water once flowed on Mars. Among the most fervent supporters of the artificial-canal hypothesis was the American astronomer Percival Lowell, who spent much of his life trying to prove the existence of intelligent life on the red planet. After Lowell's death in 1916, astronomers developed a consensus against the canal hypothesis, but the popular concept of Martian canals excavated by intelligent Martians remained in the public mind for the first half of the 20th century, and inspired a corpus of works of classic science fiction.

Not everything on Mars is as it appears.

Giovanni Schiaparelli

Scrying Images on Mars Terrain

March 14, 1965

Catherine Dent

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Catherine Dent is an American film
and television actress. Filmography

If you feel the connection in your soul ... it's true.

Catherine Dent in Taken

The discovery of alien life will change the face or god and creation forever.

What is Pope Francis Sensing?

Francis expects his papacy to be no more than five years   CNN - March 14, 2015
Pope Francis, who succeeded a resigning pontiff exactly two years ago, told a Mexican television network Friday that he expects his pontificate will be brief. "Four or five years," he told Televisa. "I do not know, even two or three. Two have already passed. It is a somewhat vague sensation. Maybe it's like the psychology of the gambler who convinces himself he will lose, so he won't be disappointed and if he wins, is happy. I do not know." Francis, who was elected in March 2013 after Pope Benedict XVI stepped down.

Earth Changes and End Times

You're going to hear a lot about the likelihood of major earthquake on the west coast as more fault lines have been discovered. For those of us on the east coast and western Europe, please watch the increased activity in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

San Andreas is an upcoming 2015 American action-adventure disaster film to be released in the US on May 29, 2015. Plot: After a devastating earthquake hits California, a Los Angeles Fire Department rescue-helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) attempt to leave Los Angeles and head to San Francisco to find and rescue their estranged daughter (Alexandra Daddario).

Climate also speaks to end times

  First deaths confirmed after Tropical Cyclone Pam roars over Vanuatu   CNN - March 14, 2015
A tropical cyclone killed at least six people in Vanuatu, UNICEF said Saturday, confirming first casualties from one of the most powerful storms ever to make landfall. Hardly a tree stood straight after Tropical Cyclone Pam bellowed across the Pacific island nation. Aid workers fear many more fatalities. The confirmed deaths came only from the capital, Port Vila.

Teenage Violence

Humans are programmed to be violent as history has shown. As a former High School teacher I understand teenage gang mentality. It hasn't changed and is not always defined by race. It stems from the same place that leads to radicalization of young people. t's about wanting to be excepted, coming from an abusive background, mental illness, and substance abuse. It's street mentality. It's bad-ass or just bad. With girls it's far more vicious than you can imagine.

Brooklyn ... not far from Brooklyn College ...

Two more suspects held in McDonald's beating as prosecutors say Brooklyn attack was planned for months   NY Daily News - March 14, 2015
Beat-down and then wheels up. The bra-baring ringleader of the vicious McDonald's attack was behind bars at Rikers Island held on $500,000 bond, as authorities grabbed a second teen suspect trying to flee the country on a plane bound for Jamaica. The 15-year-old suspect was apprehended in Atlanta just moments away from flying off to the Caribbean. Atlanta authorities had been alerted to the brute's travel plans and pulled her off the plane, officials said. Of the four other girls implicated in the brawl, two other girls were awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Friday - and two others were still on the lam.

Venice, California

  10 California high school boys arrested in alleged sexual assaults of 2 girls   CNN - March 14, 2015
Eight of the nine male students were arrested on campus, and the other was taken into custody off-campus, police said. One suspect turned himself in. Detectives have identified a total of 14 people, all between ages 14 and 17, who allegedly sexually assaulted the two female Venice High School students multiple times, said Cmdr. Andrew Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Violence and Racism in the US

Developing new habits, patterns, and ways of dealing with life, isn't as easy as it sounds in a programmed reality. Often there's collateral damage. This week featured the shooting of two police officers during a protest rally in Ferguson It all started August 9, 2014 when an 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, was fatally shot by a white place officer, Darren Wilson. Will violence and fear take over the country? Are you in the head space that this will resolve soon or that things will grow worse in the months ahead?

  Actor Courtney Vance Talks Racism, Police Brutality


Politics ... Too much drama, conspiracy and fruitless efforts of people to outwit the hologram. Politics and Monarchies are all staged. Think about all the copycat real-time and media venues - that have been created with that algorithm.

The 2016 US presidential race is going to create so much turmoil it's exhausting even projecting about it. As for me, I have read and studied too much about political systems, here and abroad, to comment constructively because they are all shrouded in secrecy. In truth none of what you and I believe is going to change the way things play out in 2016 and on ... if reality as we perceive it continues. The real issues will always be power which takes us to the economy and how we are going to pay for the enormous military expenses, climate changes, natural disasters and so forth that are rising faster than a graph depicting runaway deficit spending.

Hillary Clinton has been on the scene for decades, and fantasizes, "If I were president". As we know the Clinton administration was filled with secrecies, conspiracies, and lies - the Clintons always having had their own agenda. Could she really resolve the issues at play? No. No one can. Obama learned that the hard way and now look at who he has become.