Thursday, March 5, 2015

Full Moon 14° Virgo

March 5, 2015

Thursday morning in the city ... I don't mean to whine and complain but ... it's still snowing ... heavily ... the truth be known I love the white fluffy stuff and know it is all about to melt off ... the beauty of March storms ... now you see them ... now you don't. Is this the future? A little voice in my head echoes, "For the time remaining, yes, but it's all about to change." ??? No further messages. Do you find your little voice very annoying at times especially when you want to go out and play.

The moon, as you all now, is the feminine linked with the emotional body. To have a balanced life is to try to be objective and not give into to programed negative emotions. That can work in many situations, but when it comes to romance, "The heart wants what the heart wants" which sometimes works out but often is filled with drama. Being Objective: Some psychics can be objective when reading for themselves, others can't. On the matter of making decisions, a new articles states, To Make Better Decisions, Pretend You're Deciding for Someone Else.

You've heard of the supermoon. Get ready for the opposite - a mini Moon. Tonight's full Moon will be as much as 50,000 km farther away than other full Moons of the year, making it smaller and dimmer than usual. The apparent size of the Full Moon changes throughout the year because the Moon's orbit is not a circle, it is an ellipse, with one side (apogee) 50,000 km farther from Earth than the other side (perigee): diagram. When the Moon is on the apogee side, it looks smaller and dimmer in proportion to its increased distance. Can you tell the difference? Some people say "yes," others "no." There are no rulers floating in the sky to measure lunar diameters. Without a reference, it can be challenging to distinguish an apogee Moon from a perigee Moon. Decide for yourself. Go outside after sunset, look east, and enjoy the mini-moonlight.