Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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Reality is a cyber experience that is being monitored and hacked.

Hackers break codes. Can they change the codes of someone's DNA?

Consciousness is Binary Cyber Code moving through grids to make connections and evolve while you observe and process in real time.

We experience in the Cyber Age focused on technology for the quick fix or something that sparks our consciousness to go beyond the mundane reality we call life and process something that excites us and actives our grid consciousness.

Life can be seen as "Cyber Soaps" ... events played out everywhere tracked and followed by Cyber sleuths or Cyber Hackers who can control everything ... a metaphor of reality.

Wars no longer need to be played out on a battlefield. Much like X-Box, Play Station, and other cyber games, the push of a button can change the face of reality in an instant - Cyber Attacks or Cyberterrorism.

Now cyber-friends ... take what you read in the news today and view it from a cyber perspective especially politics. Hacktivism

What's behind it all? The hologram is sending us out to quest for truth in the illusion of reality.

For today ... the answer is encoded in the scroll.

March 4, 2015 - Purim

For tomorrow ... the answer is encoded in space.

March 5, 2015 - Full Moon 14° Virgo

As with all lunar energies - this may or may not correspond
to events in your consciousness grid matrix.
Full Moon = Full Cycle
My friend Anna, a Virgo, retired from her job yesterday.