Monday, March 23, 2015

The Way it Works

In the quest for freedom - created and perceived in dramatic fashion by the human equation - Yemen takes center stage. Some will follow events, others won't, leaving it to those programmed to resolve the issues ... maybe. We've become aware there are no resolutions ... peace a reflection of the illusions of reality. Across the globe, enemies grow as age old secrets come to the fore as if a grand finale. Do you keep up with the events and conspiracies ? Some will try while others will simple allow fate to play its hand. Living in physical reality has never been easy, so expect more of the same, just be careful and always have a contingency plan. Like gears on a time piece ... that's the way it works.

The Next Generation

No matter what crazy things take control of our lives and destinies - we are always hopeful the next generation will do better than we did, achieve more, find greater happiness and better ways to overcome obstacles, and make more informed decisions. This pattern is found in every facet of reality: politics, economic, society, health, education, other. What happens to the endless children caught up in end time dramas who exist from day to day? Will they be expected to do more in the future or wonder if a future exists for them at all? The image above comes from the news. Two of the children have already been killed, one after being forced into marriage at age 8. The human experiment has taken many directions since its inception, but always follows the same patterns of destruction. Luckily there are moments of love and beauty as one generation moves to the next.