Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bottom of the 9th

This is my 9 year so I expect things to return for either review or closure. 2016 is the universal 9 year which should be interesting as we head down the road on the way home. Wednesday brought the return of two people to my life.

It started with musician, producer, and composer Keith Kemper, 44, who created the opening music for my TV series The Metaphysical Experience. Keith emailed, "I saw you on the History Channel and was wondering how you were doing - so this is a shout out to say hello." This lead to a reunion and time to catch up. Keith still lives in Brooklyn, not far from here in Borough Park, and went from Jewish to Born Again Christian. Many of his beliefs are recycled almost from ancient alien theory - gods and angels - duality stuff. There is one thing we agreed upon, the end is almost here no matter how life defines your beliefs and prophecies. He believes the date December 21, 2012 had to be wrong because it was not in the bible. Whatever it takes on the road to awareness >>>>

>>>> Let's move along to Randy Sinclair (think Sinclair family, Knights Templar, Freemasons, Rosslyn Chapel built by William Sinclair, etc). This takes us back to Temple Mount adventures and tonight's episode of Dig. Both storylines - fiction and nonfiction - are part of the journey and seem to highlight now. I sent Randy my phone number to catch up.

    Hello Ellie,

    I do hope maybe we can talk again. I am sorry; I got lost on the site; but was so happy to see that still going. If you remember me; it would have been around the year 2000 and it would have been about me and our bloodline. Alot has transpired since; and travels and studies have allowed me to go back to your site for the first time in years and I just felt this reconnection...

    Always willing to talk more and regards
    Randy Sinclair
    New Brunswick, Canada

Racism in the US

  Ferguson police shot during protest   BBC - March 12, 2015
Two US police officers have been shot in Ferguson, a Missouri town hit by riots over the killing of an unarmed black teenager last year. One officer was shot in the face and one in the shoulder, St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said. Both suffered "very serious gunshot injuries" but were conscious, he said.

March 12, 1960

Courtney B. Vance

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Courtney B. Vance is an award winning American actor. Filmography

Courtney B. Vance Quotes

  Actor Courtney Vance Talks Racism, Police Brutality

Last week ABC's "Scandal," starring Kerry Washington struck a nerve all across the country. It did so not with a new outrageous plot twist or a blistering monologue by "Papa Pope," played by Joe Morton, but though the simple adage of art imitating life. The episode causing the stir was titled The Lawn Chair. In this polarizing hour of "Scandal," a young man (Brandon) is shot and killed by a Washington DC Police officer and his father, Clarence, played by Courtney B. Vance, incites a police stand-off when he rushes to the crime scene and raises a shotgun refusing to leave his son's body until justice is served. Vance joined Roland Martin Tuesday on NewsOne Now via Skype to discuss last Thursday's episode of the ABC drama that sill has people talking today. (Watch the video above)

Political Blogs

Are you ready for more presidential campaigning? All I can think is, "Shoot me now" ... "Fire at will" ... "Fire at will" ... Sorry ... I've always wanted to say that and posting Courtney Vance's picture above brought greater emphasis.

If you want a great political blog, you have the read the experts on politics, and there are many out there. The 2016 US presidential race is going to create so much turmoil it's exhausting even projecting about it. As for me, I have read and studied too much about political systems, here and abroad, to comment constructively because they are all shrouded in secrecy, or for today should I say hidden in "fog".

Hillary Clinton has been on the scene for decades, and fantasizes, "If I were president". As we know the Clinton administration was filled with secrecies, conspiracies, and lies - the Clintons always having had their own agenda. Could she really resolve the issues at play? No. No one can. Obama learned that the hard way and now look at who he has become. I don't really want to see Hillary elected. What about you? Think about all the copycat films and TV shows that mirror her life in politics.

In truth none of what you and I believe is going to change the way things play out in 2016 and on ... if reality, as we conceive it, continues after that. The real issues will always be power which takes us to the economy and how we are going to pay for the enormous military expenses, climate changes, natural disasters and so forth that are rising faster than a graph depicting the runaway deficit spending.

March 13, 2015

About Friday the 13th

There was a Friday the 13th in February, now in March and then in November -
the latter date exactly 39 weeks (3 x 13 weeks) after February's Friday the 13th.

March 13-22, 2015

SXSW Music Festival

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