Thursday, March 19, 2015


Did you watch the finale of "Empire" last night? Great music and talent and of course crazy drama. Bravo to the cast.

Spring is about to start but we expect snow here in the city and surrounding areas. Not to worry, it will melt quickly ... and yet I just had my car washed. Bummer.

Quiz from the Daily Mail: (This does not mean I agree)

    On average, what is the age girls have their first kiss? 15

    At what age is a woman most stressed? 35

    At what age do most women stop wearing bikini? 48

Question on the Today Show: In what position should toilet paper be placed - over or under? I always hang it over and that is correct. Why would anyone want to reach under to grab it? If there's a pattern, it is best seen"over". The same applies for paper towels if you still have an old fashioned hanging holder as I do to make more room on my countertop.

March 19 - April 6, 2015

NCAA March Madness Basketball Championship Website

NCAA March Madness Basketball Championship

Do you play basketball with friends or as part of a team?

Shooting hoops seems to have cathartic affect on many people.