Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Honoring Someone Who Has Passed
Carpe Diem

Tuesday 3/3/15

On the matter of William Shatner not attending the funeral of Leonard Nimoy - crazy people just like to stir up drama about anything - and so they did on Twitter when Shatner missed Nimoy's funeral. Maybe disappointed fans expected him to be there and needed to vent. I agree with Shatner - he had a commitment to raise funds and chose to honor it. After a lifetime of friendship, Nimoy's family knows that Shatner is mourning the loss, and will visit them to pay respects, if he hasn't already.

William Shatner (March 22, 1931) and Leonard Nimoy (March 26, 1931) - both from conservative Jewish backgrounds - shared much in this lifetime from work to family crises. This reminds me of the souls of Oprah Gail Winfrey (January 29, 1954) and her BFF Gail King (December 28, 1954). Some might say it was one soul having dual experiences.

About funerals: People attend to pay respect to the deceased and their family. Before I "came out" as I psychic, I attended funerals - but not anymore. Once you come out, you are free to express your feelings in ways that suit your experience here. I prefer to talk to the family and the spirit of the person - far more meaningful.

Some losses show us the patterns of souls who travel together. We know that people who are soul connected often die one after the other.

Sunday, I read a 60-year old woman from Brooklyn who lost her husband, 63, last spring when he had a stroke. Five months later, their oldest son, 32, got a rare form of cancer and died 3 months later. Good people - 3 adult children - none of the usually dramas of addictions, mental illness, and infidelity - just the stuff that great families are made of and what I equate to.

The souls of the father and son were here Sunday, both having totally different experiences on the other side. The father remains close to the mother and she is aware of his presence. Their son showed up late for the reading, making a grand entrance as the furniture in the living room went bang! He showed me the universe - stars, planets, and beyond.

Along the way, he met a female spirit - perhaps a former spirit guide dressed in shimmering purple. He chose to call her by his mom's name, Maria. Then I noticed the female spirit wearing a gold necklace with an amethyst stone set in gold and surround by diamonds. Maria then pulled a necklace out from under her high-collared sweater that matched the description almost perfectly. She wondered if the spirit was an aspect of her soul on the other side. Hey ... you never know in this crazy hologram we experience as reality. The experience the son is having - discussing his adventures with the female guide - was totally new, as told to me by someone who is deceased. He mentioned nothing about the hologram and beyond and I didn't ask.

We walk between the cracks and meet between the storms.

On a happier note - today, my friend, Leslie, from Great Neck, Long Island is coming here in her limo to take me out for a fun birthday lunch before the next storm later in the afternoon.

More birthday fun ... Last week, I went on eBay to look for a silver-toned watch - starting with Movado. Along the way I stumbled upon this Anne Klein watch - shiny silver (not a dark band) with swarovski crystals ... as it reached its final moments of bidding ... and got it for $20 with free shipping. It's a perfect fit and I love it.

It's all about time and timing.

Carpe Diem!

March 8 - November 1, 2015

Daylight Saving Time

  Daylight Saving Time Google Video

5 Weird Effects of Daylight Saving Time   Live Science - November 3, 2013
1. More car accidents?     2. Increased workplace injuries    
3. More heart attacks     4. Longer cyberloafing     5. Increased cluster headaches

Daylight Saving Time was first mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to the editors of the Journal of Paris. Ben also designed the first US coin. On one side he placed the word Fugio beside a sundial. Fugio in Latin means I Fly, and in conjunction with the sundial it implies "Time Flies" - Tempus Fugit. With the sun above the sundial, the effect of the design is rather artistic and coveys one of Franklin's favorite aphorisms. Carpe Diem Seize the Day