Wednesday, September 9, 2015


They need DNA to prove anything.

  Was 'humanoid' found where fireball exploded at UFO hotspot really an alien?   Daily Mail - September 9, 2015
The charred remains of what is claimed to be"an alien" have been found at a UFO hotspot where it is a believed the catastrophic meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs landed. The "humanoid corpse" was found among the debris after a fireball exploded in the skies over Mexico and has sparked claims it is a creature from another planet. The explosion burned blue and green before, what is thought to have been a meteor, crashed to earth in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Burnt "Alien Body" Found After Meteor Explodes   Yahoo - September 9, 2015
You might think that this is simply the remnants of a meteor that exploded on Earth but some UFO hunters are convinced it is actually a burnt alien body. The charred remains form some kind of alien shape - if you are to believe extraterrestrial expert Scott C Waring - and they were discovered when the meteor fell to Earth. Offering the use of words that people used to described the charred rock/alien as proof, Waring is convinced the truth is being kept from us. He wrote on UFO Sightings Daily: "The people who found it all over said they found 'parts' all over the ground; they didn't use the word pieces, which means they thought they looked like technology."