Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Legal Matters

There's a new client theme this week as I find myself reading lawyers while clients rushing to complete legal matter before Mercury goes retrograde in two days.

Lawyers and romance highlight also as they find rejection from partners while trying to litigate an unreal solution.

One of my clients is running for political office and another hopes to become a judge here in Brooklyn.

On the political front we have the second GOP debate tomorrow night on CNN. Trump will highlight again. Did you now he is being replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice? Politicians and performers ... usually it's politicians and lawyers ... but it's all changing ... all going crazy. Would you watch the debate for entertainment purposes or to get to know the other GOP choices better? The Democrats do not have a candidate of significance now but here's another twist to make you vote Republican or not at all - Hillary Clinton: Bill as VP has 'crossed her mind'.

Trump plans to build walls to keep people out ... that's what Hungary and other Europe countries are doing and who can blame them. Our hearts go out to the migrants from the Middle East, but there is just so much the European countries can do. There is no easy solution if any at all. Legally this will not end well.

Here at home wildfires rage as those in their path evacuate and lose everything. There was will legal matters (insurance) and losses that call to mind the destruction that is ravaging not only the country but the world on many fronts.

I've got clients signing leases, buying homes, business contracts and much more. Get it done now if possible. Retrograde segues into Libra next week - forever trying to balance the scales in an unbalanced reality.