Thursday, September 17, 2015

GOP Debate and
an Earthquake in Chile

There are two earth shaking events now that affect us all in one way or another.

We find the GOP Debate and the 8.3 Earthquake that struck off the coast of north Chile with a tsunami alert that was later cancelled. Scientists from Chile have publicly stated that they await the big one which will ripple along the coast and set off an unstoppable chain reaction causing not only tsunamis but volcanic eruptions. Chile has about 500 volcanoes considered active. Politics and natural disasters are part of the process that allows us to update directions and goals within the hologram.

I actually watched all of the GOP debate - some last night - the final hour and beyond this morning - noting Carly Forina was very well versed on all topics - yet something in her demeanor puts me off. After some childish bantering - and dissing each other - most of the candidates in the overly-long three hour debate covered many topics faced by not only the US but everyone as we are all connected. The candidates were well rehearsed and informed as they presented opinions on how they would update the country and added such topics as the threat from North Korea and its nuclear arsenal.

Each of the 11 - for those who are coded with the number 11 - said things that struck a nerve but as we know implementing goals is never easy - often impossible as the candidates and people understand the decline of most systems the world is facing. You understand the grave situations at home and away that can and will change the face of destiny in the near future. Though candidates reflected on the Reagan years and beyond - that was another reality. Things don't work that way anymore not because of the presidents but something beyond.

"Hope" is both a built-in positive and negative, aligning with free will, another distraction to truth in the illusion of time and reality (space). But wherever you place your trust and beliefs ... in the end the truth will out.

I also took time to wonder if any of the candidates knows - or would one day discuss - the true power behind global decision making. When will the real truth be known and told to the people? The Internet - particularly through social media - has allowed us to quickly process reality and make informed decisions. We know that most governments were initially set up to fail at some point - to either evolve or fade away. As we look at everything happening today - we are reaching an unstoppable conclusion - and though many want a happy ending to our experience in this part of the hologram - we must define what that means.


If you believe this reality is going to continue on ... what does that mean for you? What about the unexpected? The 11 debated the future for our children but what does that mean? Old paradigms are dying. What's new and next? Which candidate can "bring it"? Which candidate can best deal with natural disasters? Which candidate would be able to deal with contact from another world? Which candidate not only has his/her feet grounded in this reality - and its forever problems - while always ready and anticipating something unseen? Who is best under fire? I don't think Carly is that person .. that is where I see Trump strongest.

Astronomy and Astrology

And so we welcome Mercury Retrograde - repetitions and delays - knowing there will be more debates and increasingly powerful earthquakes. Remember that in the energies of the eclipse last weekend things rocked in the Gulf of California as a 6.6 magnitude quake hit. We all know about the Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th - in Aries - powerful stuff ahead. Does the hologram close now? Not yet, but keep watching as if an ancient soap opera that will not be renewed ... Fade to Black.