Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope in America

The Pope's pilgrimage to America is historic on many levels. His direct connection to the people - as he stops and embraces the crowds - creates a flow of interconnecting energies that seem part of what is supposed to happen in this timeline. This is more about healing than religion for millions trapped in the confines of physical reality.

My grandson Noah welcomed Autumn outside his home in Westport on his 10th birthday

Happy Birthday Anna

Wednesday, Pat and I took Anna (on the right) out for dinner on her 66th birthday.

Reminiscing about the past 20 years was hysterical. Anna and Pat are still into energy work - but not like the old days.

Sunday Anna completed two 6-month courses in Feng Shui and Bach Flower Remedies sharing great stories with us.

I don't drink but loved standing in front of this bar for pictures.

Today was the first day of Autumn as the sun moved into Libra.

Hajj Gone Wild

Religious customs always seem outdated and often ridiculous to me when truth should and will be known one day soon. This month I blogged about the energies of Hajj. Today we find ...

  Stampede kills 220 at Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca   CNN - September 24, 2015
A stampede during one of the last rituals of the Hajj season has killed at least 220 people and left 450 others wounded. The stampede occurred during the ritual known as "stoning the devil" in the tent city of Mina, about two miles from Mecca. Hundreds have been killed in past years during the same ceremony. The stoning ritual is done over at least two days, where pilgrims stone three pillars at Mina -- believed to be where the Prophet Abraham stoned the devil when he tried to dissuade him from obeying God's orders to slaughter his son. According to tradition, the event was a test from God, who gave Abraham a ram to slaughter instead. Thursday was the third day of the Hajj. Ten days before the start of Hajj this year, a construction crane crashed through the roof of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing 107 people. At least 238 others suffered injuries when a powerful storm toppled the crane. Losing one's life during the Hajj season is considered by many devout Muslims as an entry to heaven.

Hajj stampede: At least 310 killed in Saudi Arabia   BBC - September 24, 2015
At least 310 people taking part in the Hajj pilgrimage have been killed in a stampede near the Islamic holy city of Mecca, officials in Saudi Arabia say. Another 450 people were injured in the incident at Mina, which occurred as two million pilgrims were taking part in the Hajj's last major rite.

Around the world people celebrated Yom Kippur Wednesday.

Tashlikh is a customary Jewish atonement ritual performed
during the High Holy Days. This picture was taken near my bridge.