Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Here we are at the last official weekend of summer - a time to go out and enjoy with friends and family if possible. There are fun events in many cities - or even a day at the beach - so enjoy. There's sports, with tennis highlighting here in the city. I prefer football as the season is about to begin. For me, the next few days are about lots of clients and friends. Whatever you are doing, enjoy. You can also follow adventures at Burning Man and Dragon*Con.

Burning Man: News and Videos

One week from today, we revisit 9/11 in the energies of a New Moon 20° Virgo Partial Solar Eclipse ... followed by the Jewish Holidays and the Pope's visit. Like the wheels on a bicycle ... it's all turning in tandem - your above and below aspects - so please, keep your balance.

There's a global migration crisis in parts of the world as oppressed people seek freedom and a better life. It's in their programming, especially in end times. Some will be part of this humanitarian effort by choice, others unwillingly, but the force of this action is changing everything. You will be saddened by the plight of these refugees but that does mean you should not enjoy your life.