Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday - Testerone Tests

How many players below will fail their test?

Focus now is on meetings at the UN General Assembly as Putin and Obama went at it yesterday about Syria. It doesn't appear they are any closer to a solution for Syria and its refugees, despite two speeches and one reception. The migration crisis is likely to become much more dire, as the many thousands that have been displaced will soon face much colder weather and no one has an answer.

Today, Obama and President Raul Castro hold their first formal meeting since the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic relations in July. Obama will also lead a summit meeting on countering the Islamic State militant group and other extremists. The president of Ukraine will address the General Assembly at a moment when the crisis in his country is drawing less global attention but is far from resolved.

The force and focus once again turns to Politics ... Ellie deciding to watch events on fast forward as politicians and others play out their roles with passion and we watch as if an elimination in a reality show. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Vice President Joseph R. Biden would be the most popular presidential candidate if he were to join the race, though I hope he doesn't. CNN says that Mr. Biden has an open invitation to participate in the first Democratic presidential debate next month. This gets tedious and as you and I know ... no one can fix things though many will try.

Today, Congress will try to pass a temporary spending measure that would avert a shutdown of the federal government on Thursday which saves the bigger political feuds for the weeks ahead. Isn't that why Boehner was forced out? The bill does not include language cutting off federal financing for Planned Parenthood, which some Republicans badly wanted. Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards, testifies today before one of several congressional committees that are investigating the group's practices. From what I have read, Caryl Fiorina has her facts wrong on an issues she keeps pressing. Carly and Hillary are really strange. Carly has such nervous energies I can only watch her a few seconds. Hillary is living in delusions of her own grandeur. Testosterone husband Bill ... we all know what he did and I don't just mean Monica. He was a very naughty boy and needs to be punished... :)


Google will unveil new devices and Android software. We're likely to see its latest Nexus smartphones and an update to Chromecast for streaming web video to TV sets. Keep it coming boys. Someone has to develop a teleportation device soon ... or is that another secret project ... portal style ... to the moon or Mars ... where they just discovered evidence of flowing water. Ya think!? Isn't it time to give up the answers to bring something called "hope" to the people of planet Earth? Does the word "redacted" ring a bell?


Tesla Motors, the maker of electric cars, will release its much-anticipated sport utility vehicle, the Model X, tonight at its factory in Fremont, Calif. People love Tesla and still talk about his research as if he was going to channel it from the grids ... maybe he is. Much of his research was confiscated by the government at the time of his death, so one never knows. It almost goes to reverse engineering if one knows the true extent of what he developed. Every time I blog about him, white pigeons appear outside my window. As I sit here now they are back. "Hello boys!"

High School Sports

As I live not far from New Jersey - the talk is about high school football player Evan Murray, 17, who died Friday night of a lacerated spleen. One of my friends has a son who played football with Murray. This also takes us to concussions and their aftermath on athletes. Coaches are mandated to take a series of health-related courses, including those focused on basic first-aid, CPR, concussions, and heat acclimation. Students play for many reasons from ego to scholarship money, to please parents who lives vicariously through their children, and more. Again, we stop and wonder if it's worth the risks.


On Broadway, I hope to see the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton," one day - a good seat is now going for $250 + parking which is up to $60. Nothing is cheap these days.

I've watched many new and returning TV series over the past week and continue to do so - 24 give or take - and surprisingly liked them all. None of the reality shows are now - or will ever be - on my list, but I hope to see the finale of The Voice. I can record 6 shows at a time on my DRV's which covers everything. As you know I record shows then watch them without commercials - fast forwarding the chase or violent scenes - so it doesn't take long to watch that many shows each week. I watch sports as time permits and listen to the news or The Talk while I work or clean. FYI - I still do all of my own cleaning. Yesterday I watch a cute new commercial with a little old Jewish man named Morty and his wife and a Swiffer duster.