Tuesday, September 1, 2015


When children are young, parents often buy or build bigger and bigger homes as the family grows. Now, with their children off at college, and the high costs of owning a larger home, parents are telling me they are downsizing. Some parents are closing in on retirement and thinking about a total relocation.

My neighbor Sal and his wife have grown children who live in the US. He and his wife were going to retire to their native home in Turkey in 2017 - where they own a home - but now they are wonder what to do because of the huge influx of refugees from Syria. His sister, who lives in the south of Turkey, said the situation is getting so critical he's having second thoughts about returning home. She says the Syrians do not blend well with the people in her town and things are getting ugly. This month Sal visits Turkey for one month. The landscape of the planet is indeed changing, even in the US due to climate changes and other factors. Turkey's president told voters to be ready for a re-run of parliamentary elections on Nov. 1. The hope is the ruling party regains its majority as conflicts flare with the Kurdish minority and ISIS.

Also in the news ...
  Migrant crisis: Hungary rail station move sparks protests   BBC - September 1, 2015
Hundreds of migrants have been protesting outside a major railway station in the Hungarian capital after police sealed off the terminal to stop them traveling through the EU. Crowds of people chanted "Germany" and waved train tickets after being forced to leave Keleti station in Budapest. Hungary is trying to restore order and enforce EU rules, officials said. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for the fair distribution of refugees across Europe.