Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Always Follow the Momentum

The excitement grows as the Mets took game 3
of the NLCS at Wrigley Field last night 5-2.

They are one win from their first pennant since 2000. They meet again tonight.


Mammograms. I know they save lives but I often feel the results are off and at the very least a second test and a second opinion should be given. The problems with the world of healing is that everything contradicts itself in the end.
In a turnabout, the American Cancer Society now says women should start having mammograms at age 45 and continue yearly until 54. It previously recommended mammograms and clinical breast exams starting at age 40. Here are the group's new screening guidelines.

Wealthy people can better care for themselves.
Swedish researchers have found that the higher a person's income, the lower the risk of death after heart surgery. Those in the richest one-fifth of the patients studied were 29 percent less likely to die than those in the lowest-income group. But the authors concede that it is possible that severe cardiac illness leads to lower income rather than the other way around.

You can't blame Paul for at least trying.
Representative Paul D. Ryan is waiting for his Republican colleagues to decide if they will agree to conditions he set for serving as speaker of the House. In private talks Tuesday night, he called for more focus on communicating the party's message, and for an end to the antics of bomb throwers and hand wringers, according to lawmakers in the room.

12.5 months more of this ... I believe Hillary will win out over the Republican witch hunt and Bernie Sanders. But will she be president? I hope not. But it doesn't matter.
A longtime adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a conference call with top campaign donors tonight before Mrs. Clinton's testimony on Thursday to the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Give it up dude ... or did he ...
An independent campaign is still possible for former Senator Jim Webb, a onetime Republican, who dropped his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination after failing to gain traction.

If one was to pick an antichrist from the two guys below ... who would it be?
President Bashar al-Assad of Syria met in Moscow with President Vladimir V. Putin late Tuesday in an unannounced visit to discuss their joint military campaign in Syria, a Kremlin spokesman said today. Mr. Assad briefed Mr. Putin about the situation on the ground, and Mr. Putin said that Russia was ready to contribute to a political settlement of the conflict that has raged for more than four years.The meeting came after Russia and the United States signed an agreement aimed at regulating aircraft and drone flights over Syria.

Judicial system ... another corrupt system.
A group of more than 130 U.S. police chiefs, prosecutors and sheriffs today joins the movement to reduce the nation's incarceration rate, saying too many people are behind bars that don't belong there. Members of the group are to meet on Thursday with President Obama.

I'm considering 23andMe.
The DNA-testing company 23andMe announces today that it will begin providing customers with their own health information again - though less than before, and now with the F.D.A.'s approval.

Car Dramas.
Toyota Motors today begins U.S. sales of the Mirai, its hydrogen-powered sedan introduced last year in Japan. Separately, Toyota is recalling 6.5 million vehicles globally, almost half of them in North America, to fix a defect in the power window switch in Corolla, Camry and other models.