Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking a Break
in a Friendship

Last week on "The Talk" they asked the question, "Have you ever taken a break in a friendship?" This is something I never would have considered in the days before metaphysics as my friends were my friends ... and that was that. Though life kept us busy ... we always felt connected and still do.

Over the past 30 years in metaphysics I have met people with diverse backgrounds and agendas/issues - who connect and want to be friends then move on, once our purpose for getting together has ended. At first, I didn't get it but eventually I understood the pattern - taking a break in our friendship was essentially an ending. I can be friends with people who don't share my philosophies as long as they are functional, not burned out, and create positive things which for the most part takes me back to my mainstream friends.

Trying to Change Somebody

Most of us have experienced this lesson ... and the emotions involved. You know the rule ... you can't change anyone until they are ready ... if ever. History and life is wrought with dysfunctional love stories in the study of human emotions. It's the classic case of two people in love - one or both having emotional problems which usually go with substance and other abuse issues that are self-destructive for all. The stronger person tends to feel that their love and guidance will change the other - only to discover that no matter how much they try - everyone is here to play out their programming and change if and when programmed to.

Okay ... you know that ... we've discussed it ... so why the blog again? Currently, it goes to the story of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian who tried so hard to save him and finally gave up. Lamar has a tragic past complicated by drugs and womanizing. Remember Rihanna and Chris Brown? Here we go again ... Rihanna, Chris Brown back together, violent past still there. What's this ... more drama ... Chris Brown-Rihanna: Karrueche Tran comes in between the couple again; 'Loyal' singer says 'Sorry' to model and not Riri? ... And the "beat" goes on.

Lamar Odom: Ex-NBA star 'took cocaine' before collapse   BBC - October 15, 2015
An employee at the Nevada brothel where ex-NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious, told emergency services he had taken cocaine. The former LA Lakers star is in hospital, where he is on life support. Mr Odom, who married reality television star Khloe Kardashian in 2009, has long struggled with addiction.

If Aliens Exist, Would They Have Sex?   Live Science - October 14, 2015

The answer is ... it depends on the aliens. Most grays are clones. Other aliens reproduce - some with human and other species creating hybrids. Many of us have DNA reflecting alien breeding at some point along the way. Some know it. Some feel it. Others wait for the return of their progenitors. We are all aliens as none of us are from here - meaning physical reality.