Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mental Illness and
Mass Shootings

Umpqua Community College Shooting

Once again, the country mourns and seeks ways to stop the madness. It's not about gun control as people can easily get weapons. It's about mental health in a bipolar reality that now pushes people to the brink. They drink and drug not realizing they are out of control. We know about the psychological blueprint of the upcoming generation based on the genetics of prior generations and wonder about their options. Social media is bringing this all into the light. We study human behavior now based on patterns more than isolated incidents.

Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer attended a high school for emotionally challenged students. What happens to these children as they grow up? They don't outgrow mental illness. Without medication and professional help they often explode harming themselves and others. It's an ongoing pattern that has always existed ... continues on ... now drawing attention to itself with mass murder. Is there a solution? Recognition, understanding, and a combination of medication and holistic practices seems to keep things in check. The brain is a computer. When fractured we have a lifetime pattern... sending people on a quest for answers and purpose.

Weather Today

Video: Life-Threatening, Potentially Historic Flash Flooding in South Carolina, North Carolina, West of Hurricane Joaquin - October 3, 2015

Locally rain and flooding are slowly subsiding but remains overcast. We'll see what Hurricane Joaquin brings. Thursday it was 80 degrees in Brooklyn. Friday it was 49 - going from air conditioning to heat in one day.

Wildfires and El Nino

Wildfires out west are slowly coming under control. It's not just the fire but the smoke and its aftermath creating health and other issues. I remember how sick people were here in the city after 9/11. Smoke is toxic. After the wildfires end we will see mountain slopes erode resulting in mud slides and floods destroying roads and more. This is all part of the cascading consequences of drought, wildfires and record breaking summer heat that return again next year.

A strong El Nino pattern is here lasting through winter and spring. El Nino is an anomalous, yet periodic, warming of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. For reasons still not well understood, every two to seven years, this patch of ocean warms for six to 18 months. This warming of equatorial Pacific water influences the atmospheric pattern from the western Pacific Ocean, including Australia and Indonesia, to North and South America, the Atlantic Ocean, even parts of Europe and Africa.

It reminds me of another pattern that comes out of the Pacific after powerful Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from the sun hit Earth. They affect electromagnetic grids, planetary magnetics, sparking geomagnetic storms, GPS, satellite communications, shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire -> create unusual and extreme global weather patterns and unstoppable Earth changes, and affect the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms. The only positive is the stunning auroras.

All you can do it just sit back and pay attention ... to everything.