Friday, October 30, 2015


When Halloween comes on a weekend, and the weather is cooperating, the city comes alive. Lots of emotions and fun in store this year. Parties and 'Trick or Treating", the Halloween Parade in the West Village, Citi Field hosting its first World Series as we cheer on the Mets, the NYC Marathon, among other things starting today.

Halloween is about scary stuff. Would you consider the state of the world scary enough? What scares you most today?

Interested in a Live Exorcism tonight ... Destination America TV.

In other news ...

The Senate voted early this morning, after an all-night session, to approve the bipartisan budget deal that was reached this week between congressional leaders and the White House. The bill now heads to President Obama's desk for his signature.

While China is abandoning its one-child policy, experts say that economic overhauls and investments in technology, health care and education are more important to the countryƕs future. Even so, the expense of raising a second child is overwhelming for most Chinese families.

Retailers are priming the pump for holiday sales. Target, Walmart and Macy's say they will open again this year on Thanksgiving, while some smaller chains are taking a stand against holiday sales creep.

The S.E.C. issues rules today to let small companies crowd-fund from friends, family or any interested investors. Since the 1930s, only those with $1 million in net worth or annual income of $200,000 were allowed to invest in start-ups.

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